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Charges against 10 former officials in Pristina for illegal construction



12 June 2015 – 14:49

Pristina, 12 June – Special Prosecutor of the Republic of Kosovo has filed an indictment for criminal offenses related to illegal constructions, against eleven persons, of whom ten officials of the Municipality of Pristina and an owner of a private company, announced the Special Prosecutor of the Republic of Kosovo

According to the media, the prosecutor has raised indictment against the former head of construction sector, former enforcement officer and former building inspector in the Inspection of the Construction Sector in the Municipality of Pristina, for criminal offenses: “Participation or organization organized criminal group “, under Article 283 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kosovo, regarding the crime of” misuse of official position or authority “, Article 422 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kosovo, as well as against an owner of a company private criminal act “Falsification of documents”, under Article 398 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kosovo.

According to the indictment ten defendants, acting as criminal group, who used their official position to perform criminal acts, during the period January 2010 – March 2014, did not fulfill their official duties, in order to gain the benefit for themselves and for others, so I do not have prevented and did not have stopped the illegal construction, and did not execute decisions to demolish the buildings, which were built unlawfully in the municipality of Pristina. Meanwhile, the owner of a company Private indictment charges for falsifying the document, according to which the collective has built a residential facility without permission.

All of the defendants, as officials of the Municipality of Pristina, together have enabled investors to build residential collective buildings, against the law for construction, thus providing them with significant material benefits, as well as from the sale of flats and premises, financial benefits total of € 28.503,922,00. usefulness obtained through the commission of criminal offenses confiscated. By a defendant seized Audi Q7 car brand in the amount of € 37,000.00, vehicle type VW Golf in the amount of € 12,500, another car brand VW Golf in the amount of € 16,800.00, and the money in the amount of € 11,000.00. From a co-defendant seized vehicle type VW Passat, worth € 20,000.00, and money in the amount of CHF 10,560.00, $ 2,600.00 and € 1,880.00 US. While the other defendant seized the apartment with an area of 76.3m2. Special Prosecutor of the Republic of Kosovo has started to collect relevant information from the field of construction in September 2013, and has taken the decision to start the investigation on this case in April 2014.

The indictment was filed after the end of a very complex investigation, involving a large number of defendants and witnesses abound. During the investigation were reviewed over 50 files Building inspection is done photo documentation constructed buildings unlawfully, and financial investigation was conducted which resulted in the confiscation of the material benefit obtained by the offense.

With the establishment of this indictment the prosecution He acted decisively to the prosecution and punishment of the officials, who in a long period of time have tolerated illegal construction of collective housing buildings, which meant they had material benefits for themselves and for investors, which as a result have created chaos city ​​within the city. For works with which the defendants are charged according to the indictment, the prosecutor of the case, from the ranks of local prosecutors of the Special Prosecutor of the Republic of Kosovo, has asked the court to convict the defendants and to punish according to the law, states the announcement.

source in Albanian


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