OSCE Mission in Kosovo: Booklet for municipal officials on reception and reintegration of repatriated persons

Full_Report (pdf* format – 246.1 Kbytes)
OSCE Mission in Kosovo supports reintegration of repatriated persons

PRISHTINË/PRIŠTINA, 12 January 2011 – A new booklet presented by the OSCE Mission today informs about mechanisms at the central and local level for support to repatriated persons in Kosovo.

The booklet targets municipal officials, who are the first point of contact with repatriated persons. The information will help the officials ensure that this vulnerable group gets the necessary support in areas such as civil registration, health, education, employment, social welfare, housing and property-related issues.

“Repatriated persons very often lack basic information on essential public services at their disposal. Without immediate assistance from central and local level institutions, their reintegration in the society can be very difficult,” said Susan Heintz, Director of the OSCE Department for Human Rights and Communities. “The institutions in Kosovo should make more efforts to help repatriated persons access to essential public services. They should allocate funds as necessary, taking into account the specific needs of individuals and families upon their return.”

The OSCE Mission is mandated with the protection and promotion of human rights and communities’ rights. The OSCE Mission published a report on the reintegration of repatriated persons in Kosovo in November 2009 and conducts periodic assessments to evaluate the effectiveness of central and local level institutions in safeguarding the rights of repatriated persons in Kosovo.

The booklet is available in five languages (Albanian, Serbian, Turkish, Romani and English) at: http://www.osce.org/kosovo



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