Want to Stamp out Corruption, Move Kosovo Forward?

Then don’t vote for this Ramadan Hasani in the Ferizaj Elections if you want to stamp out corruption.

At a recent Energy Conference held at the Sirius Hotel, this man was speaking on behalf of the government on the subject of energy. He just said his speech and left, to the displeasure of all there.

He was gone when it was time  to ask questions. So what was the point of him even turning up at all. His department makes it virtually impossible for anyone who wants to help the energy crisis in this country, with so many hoops to jump through, just to get permission to put in an application. Corruption has to stop and it will start with this man losing his office.


One thought on “Want to Stamp out Corruption, Move Kosovo Forward?

  1. Could anyone give more detailed information on how those who pretend to be helpful, would like to help Kosova? What ist the structure you imageine, and who are the partners to help? Regards, European Balkan Institute

    Posted by Balkan Insttitute | May 30, 2012, 4:59 pm

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