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Kosovo paves way for forced expropriation of mining village

Mining in the Shipitulla village. | Photo: Kallxo

The Kosovo government will forcibly expropriate several properties in the Shipitulla village, facilitating the expansion of the Kosovo Energy Corporation’s coal mining operations.

The Kosovo government decided last week prepare to forcibly expropriate properties in the village of Shipitulla, on the frontlines of the Kosovo Energy Corporation, KEK, coal mining zone. The decision rejects the Resettlement Policy Framework, which was adapted from the World Bank’s rules and procedures around the resettlement, and requires residents’ cooperation and consent with institutional proposals for expropriation and compensation.

Without being able to achieve such an agreement, the government has decided to resettle inhabitants through the Law on Expropriation of Property, which outlines avenues for KEK, or the government as a shareholder of KEK, to forcibly resettle residents without their consent.

In late July, local and international media reported that Kosovo was on the verge of an energy crisis, with the country’s coal reserves down to just two weeks.

But the country was not running out of coal–it was, rather, inaccessible, beneath private properties around Obilic.

For ten years, residents of Hade, another Obilic-area village, have been waiting for expropriation in order to make space for coal extraction by KEK. Residents have protested for just resettlement and against demolitions and environmental degradation.

Recently, KEK has focused its mining efforts on expanding in the direction of the Shipitulla village, reported Kosovo 2.0.

More than 100 houses were allowed to be built in Shipitulla after the declaration of the latter as an “area of special economic interest.”

After the alarm was raised regarding the energy crisis, KEK reached an agreement with six owners from the 17 properties planned for evaluation and expropriation.

Now the government will take action to forcibly expropriate the remaining 11 properties affected by the project for expansion of the coal mining zone.

Steps for the expropriation of these properties began during the first five days of August, after KEK warned about the depletion of coal reserves.

Minister Ferat Shala claimed that the Ministry of Environmental and Spatial Planning held a public hearing on August 10th before making a preliminary decision on August 11th to pursue forced expropriation.

However, Shipitulla inhabitants insist that no such public hearing was held.

Ardian Mjeku, one of the owners of the properties that will be expropriated according to the government’s decision, said that the homeowners had not been informed about the decision, and insisted that there was not a public hearing held on the 10th.

“The public discussion has not been held. The Ministry of Finance, the Commission for Evaluation of Properties, has not entered our homes, but has made the evaluation from the roads close to the houses, and said that the living conditions are not adequate here,” said Mjeku.

Mjeku said that the inhabitants will not leave their homes, but will instead wait for government action, whatever that may be.

“We intend to stay here until they violently displace us, and if they remove us violently we have no place to go,” said Mjeku.

While KEK and the respective ministries had earlier talks with residents concerning expropriation, the lives of some families in Shipitulla have become difficult and even endangered.

On the evening of August 17th, KEK excavators mined towards Shipitulla, drastically intruding upon the security zone, 250 meters away from inhabited houses.

Fatmir Gerguri, chief inspector of mines of the Independent Commission for Mining and Minerals, KPMM, demanded that the inhabitants let the excavators work through the night while the KPMM worked to come to a speedy decision on whether the excavators can go past the security zone.

Although the KPMM called for excavators to respect the security zone, according to Mjeku, this decision has not been respected, and now the excavators have reached a distance of 50 meters from the homes, risking erosion of the land on which they are situated.

Inhabitants have the right to file complaints to the Ministry of Environment, but the decision to expropriate cannot be halted by citizen complaints.

Apart from the 11 properties planned for forced expropriation, Minister Ferhat Shala also plans to apply the same strategy to the remaining cadastral zone of Shipitulla.

At a meeting on August 30th, the government in charge approved a proposal to conduct a property assessment for expropriation of the remaining properties in Shipitulla.

The inhabitants of these properties share the same opinion as their neighbours on this issue.

Saim Krasniqi, an owner of several properties in the area, is angry with the government’s decision but said that it was to be expected.

“The Kosovo government has taken the wrong decision a hundred times, always in favour of KEK. No one from the government or the ministries has taken the initiative to meet the inhabitants or regard us as an equal party to KEK,” he said.




The capital's residents accuse the Serbian minister of torturing them during the war

Minister of Agriculture in the Government of Kosovo, Nenad Rikallo, is accused of torturing Pristina citizens during wartime, KTV reports.

Residents of the building in Dardania’s Kurri have confessed to KTV the tortures that Rikallo has said and the fact that he has always appeared in uniform and armed.

Although nearly two decades have passed, Fexhrije Beqiri can remember the face of Nenad Rikallos, appointed Minister of Agriculture in the government of Ramush Haradinaj.

The Beqiri family lives on the seventh floor of this building at Dardania’s back for several decades. On the same floor, number 45, Nenad Rikallo also lived.

Everything that remembers Mrs Beqiri from Rikallo, then young, is torture and maltreatment against Albanian residents.

“Everything has a boa, it’s been boo guys have put the boys off the fun stairs. I’m so sorry they can not do it. They told me that we could get blacker than these, “says Mrs Beqiri.

Her son, Celebration, has fresh experiences of two torture scenes from Rikallo, one of which includes running a gun to his already-felt father.

On each floor of this building there are residents who recall the horror experienced by the entire Rikallo family.

“Nenad served as a representative of the Red Berets, a paramilitary with his brother Goran. His dad Radishavi was very lenient officer in Serbian police, “said Celebration.

Those who agree to speak and recall have seen the new minister, always in uniform.

Residents here have been shocked when they saw Rikallon being ranked among the new government ministers and demanding his immediate departure.

Rikallo is part of the Serbian List and until recently served as a member of the Central Election Commission.

He did not respond to KTV’s calls for comment on the charges.


Shock!! Imami nga Tirana; Busti i Skenderbeut duhet të hiqet,ngaqe e ka prapanicen te kthyer nga kibla.



Imam Armand Aliu
Shume potere per hiçgjë më detyroi edhe mua ti shkruaj dy rreshta me zero nga pas. Nuk mund te degjosh te flasin disa pseudo-nacionalistet te cilet jane te gatshem ta shesin atdheun e tyre per axhendat e Vatikanit, te Athines apo per te ringjallur nga varri Enver Hoxhën e te qendrosh heshtur.
Per disa vite rresht muslimanet e falnin Bajramin ne Bulevard ndersa Skënder Beut te gjithe sebashku i kthenin menderen. Disa mijera muslimane rregullisht dy here ne vit gjate festave te Bajramit i kane kthyer menderen bustit te heroit kombetar te Shqiperise e megjithate askush nuk ka reaguar e nuk eshte ndier keq nga pseudo-nacionalistet. Per kete fakt nuk kemi degjuar asnjehere Artan Lamen, as Agron Gjekmarkaj, as Vangjel Dulen, as Eduart Ndocajn, Bajram Peçin e as ndonje femër qe te flasin asnje gjysem llafi te vetem.
Tani qe muslimanet dolen ta falin Bajramin ne sheshin…

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Israeli rabbis smuggling, selling Jewish babies in US: Report

A recent report has revealed that a network of Israeli rabbis is involved in trafficking babies from occupied lands on the United States. (Illustrative photo)
A recent report has revealed that a network of Israeli rabbis is involved in trafficking babies from occupied lands on the United States. (Illustrative photo)

A recent report has revealed that a network of Israeli rabbis has been actively involved in the underground baby trafficking trade and smuggling pregnant women from the occupied territories to the United States to sell their newborn babies there.

According to a report published by Hebrew-language Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper on Monday, the network was run by Haim Aharon Yosefi, who is a well-known businessman and figure in the world of ultra-Orthodox Haredi Judaism.

During his meetings with Devorah Leah, the undercover investigator who presented herself as a young pregnant Haredi woman, Yosefi revealed that he takes young, pregnant Haredi women from Israel to the United States to give birth before giving the child away in an “adoption” arrangement for a fee.

Yosefi, who is also a member of Degel HaTorah – the Lithuanian faction of the United Torah Judaism party – told the woman that she would get $50,000 in exchange for her fetus.

“If I tell you who I’m connected to, you’ll be blown away; officials in the Interior Ministry, army, the police and different municipalities. I once had an arrangement with an official in the Interior Ministry where I would provide her with interest-free loans and she would help me in return,” he told Devorah.

This file photo shows Haim Aharon Yosefi, a well-known businessman and figure in the world of ultra-Orthodox Haredi Judaism.

Devorah’s first meeting with Yosefi took place at a hotel in Jerusalem al-Quds, while her second and third meetings were held in the basement office of ultra-Orthodox Lev Shomea organization.

Yosefi then outlined the entire birthing process to Devorah, beginning with his accompanying her to the US up to the birth itself.

The well-known rabbi noted that he would then organize a “host family” in the US, with whom she would live until the birth. He said the family would cover all expenses, including clothing, makeup, medical insurance, the birth and doctors.

Yosefi also told Devorah that he could assist her with “a bag of excuses” if her parents inquired about the period of time she had to disappear and go to the United States.

Yedioth Ahronoth learned of Yosefi’s activities through testimony provided by a woman named Esther, who recounted her experiences with him when her infant son was sold to a couple in the United States.

Six months ago, Yosefi was arrested and interrogated on suspicion of document forging and issuing exemptions to young ultra-Orthodox men through psychiatrists who work with the Israeli military.


KEDS for three years 87 million euros profit

KEDS for three years 87 million euros profit
Enis Veliu • August 08, 2017 • 07:53 •

Only in 2014, KEDS company secured a clean profit of about EUR 30 million, while Turkish company “Calik-Limak” had privatized the electricity distribution for 26.3 million euros a year earlier.

The sale of electricity distribution at such a price years ago was followed by numerous accusations, as it was estimated that the value of public company assets was several times higher and at the same time the Turkish company had invested in a safe and fair business Exclusive retail of electricity to customers.

The newspaper “Zëri” has managed to secure the documentation of the winning profits provided by the KEDS and KESCO companies, the latter being established in 2015 and dealing with power supply.

According to this “Son” documentation, in 2015 these companies have earned 31 million euros, despite the investments made, while in 2016 the profits of these two companies have reached about 25 million euros.

Astronomical gains are being secured by businesses in Kosovo as citizens and manufacturing businesses continue to complain about the increase in electricity and at the same time for its lack. According to some reports, electricity bills over the last few years have risen to more than 30 percent.

 KEDS does not provide data on profits

The newsletter “Zëri” via email has asked KEDS for more information about the profits they have provided over the next three years, but the latter have refused to answer.

“KEDS Revenue is Public. However, we would like to emphasize, however, that no share dividend has been distributed so far. In short, investors have not received any profits from KEDS operations so far, but net profit is invested in the network and other assets to make sure that we are providing better services to our customers, “he said. Said KEDS spokesman Victor Buzhala.

On the other hand, ERO officials have provided information about the allowed revenues of these two companies, but neither have provided information about the net profit of the company.

“The maximum allowed revenue allocation process for each licensee is done through public consultation based on pricing rules and this information is available on the ERO website. Regarding company profits, this information can be obtained from audited financial statements by KEDS and KESCO or through Tax Administration or any other relevant institution. ERO as the body responsible for the economic regulation of the sector is obliged to ensure that the revenues approved by ERO are in line with the services provided, “said ERO spokeswoman Adelina Murtezaj.

Ibrahim Rexhepi, familiar with the country’s economic circumstances, says the privatization of KEK’s distribution has been completely out of the eyes of the public, so are Auditor’s reports that indicate that here the Energy Regulatory Office has plenty of room for corrections

“ERO has to reduce revenues, less profit from investors, but on the other hand it is assisted by families with severe social conditions,” he said.


2016:   24,781,000 euro

2015:   31,948,000 euro

2014:   29,944,000 euro       



German Chancellor Angela Merkel has reacted after yesterday’s opposition positions within the Assembly, as well as the clash with words during the debate on the resignation of the prime minister.

“These images do not honor anyone. Kosovo has suffered very historically, and today it is the moment for it to make a big turn. Kosovo needs a democratic government, not an autocratic and a police. There are no good days for a country that fights its citizens for why they protest, “Ms. Merkel told Deutsche Welle.

Further, Merkel has also spoken of the recent agreements between Kosovo and Serbia, saying that Serbia is showing itself irresponsible after every round of negotiations. Therefore, according to her, the agreements should be reconsidered and there can be no agreement outside the will of the people.

“It is up to the government to find a solution, but not to discriminate and exclude the opposition. Kosovo let’s learn from our state how to handle the opposition despite the differences, “Chancellor Merkel concluded.


Today at the Security Council

Acknowledging the truth about war crimes in Kosovo is the only way that both societies can move forward.

President Jahjaga was not able to read her speech in Belgrade, therefore I want to read a part of it here:

“The stories presented in the book are not only stories of torture and abuse. They are stories of the cruelest form of torture. These are stories of rape-rape used as a tool of war. These are stories of a truth that has been attempted to be concealed, hidden and buried. Over the years, I have met hundreds of survivors of sexual violence during the war, in different parts of my country.

Carefully and patiently, I have listened to their stories; I have cried for those who needed me to cry with them, and I have stayed strong for those who needed me to be strong. I have heard a story of a woman from the Drenica region who was gang-raped continuously by Serbian paramilitaries for over six months. I have spoken to a woman in Gjakova whose body was mutilated while she was raped.

Just recently, I met the child of a war rape victim who died without receiving the justice she hoped for, for so many years; I truly hope that you read this book, share it with your friends and family, ask your government to punish the perpetrators and call for reconciliation with your neighbours. We shall not let anybody keep us hostages of the past.

The victims of these crimes will never be able to find peace unless the perpetrators of these crimes are brought to justice. This is a precondition for long lasting peace, good neighbourly relations and a stable future for the next generations. The future of our countries lies in our hands. Let it be a future of reconciliation and peace”

Ambassador Vlora Citaku

Proof – Serbia Supplying Weapons to ISIS

The Syrian Arab Army have today captured ISIS terrorists fighting in Deir Ezzor and confiscated their weapons, that have been supplied by Serbia.

In the past Serbia has distanced itself from ISIS, constantly bragging that there are no Serbs fighting for ISIS, even though records have shown there are.

Serbia is constantly saying that they are behind Syria and Russia, but the truth is their weapons are used to kill Russians.

This is not the first time we have heard that Serbian made weapons have been shipped to ISIS through Bulgaria. However this is the first time we have seen ISIS actually using them. Serbia cannot deny it this time as we have the proof.


ISIS Leader Abu Ghisn Al Albani Killed in Deir Ez Zour

Syrian Woman Kills 2 ISIS Leaders as Syrian Forces Continue to Make New Gains

– SANA – – translated by Samer Hussein –

Units of the Syrian Army carried out series of new operations Saturday against ISIS terrorists in the provinces of Homs, Hama and Deir Ez Zour.
According to the field reports, scores of the terrorists were killed by the Syrian Air Force once their positions got pounded in Aqerbat, Souha, Jrouh, Qastal Shamali and Qleib Al Thawr, located in the countryside of Hama province.
Two vehicles, equipped with heavy machine-guns, were also destroyed.
Meanwhile, units of the Syrian Army regained control over Tal Oum Khasm and Al Qleilat Mountain, located near the town of Al Sukhneh in the eastern countryside of Homs province, following intense clashes with ISIS terrorists.
In the eastern province of Deir Ez Zour, Syrian forces once again clashed with ISIS terrorists in the surrounding areas of Al Panorama, Deir Ez Zour Airport, and Syrian Army Regiment 137, annihilating a large number of ISIS terrorists, among them Muawiya Al Faraj, an ISIS emir of Muhassan city.
In addition, local sources from the western countryside of Deir Ez Zour province reported that all members of the so-called “ISIS Security Office” in the village of Al Hussenieh, were killed, including the top-ranking terrorists Abu Abdullah Al Tunisi, Abu Al Hareth Shakra, and Abu Al Mutasim Al Diri, after their bodies were found near Al Waha resort.
The sources added that three foreign-born ISIS terrorists were also killed in the vicinity of Al Boleil village, including Abu Ghisn Al Albani, an ISIS leader in charge of armament in the eastern countryside of  province, noting that the two ISIS leaders were killed by a female resident in the village of Al Salhiya in the northern countryside of the province.
The same sources reported that ISIS terrorists executed two of their fellow members in the town of Muhassan city and burned to death a civilian in Ghareiba village, located in the eastern countryside of Deir Ez Zour.

Hell Cannons – The Homegrown Horror of Syria’s Terrorist Invaders

The Rabbit Hole

The foreign mercenaries who continue to wage war against Syria’s civilians are using a variety of devastating weaponry, including improvised mortars known colloquially as “hell cannons.” Today, MintPress News speaks with a Syrian man who lost half his family to a “hell cannon” attack.

ALEPPO–  The U.S./NATO-imposed war and invasion of Syria has been going on for over six years now. Each day, it claims the lives of many innocent people. But until we speak to these individuals and hear their stories, they seem like little more than a statistic. It is important to keep in mind that these people deserve to be acknowledged as fellow human beings. When we tell their stories, we can relate to them that much more easily.

Syrians have families, just like the rest of us – except many of these…

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