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Uta Ibrahimi, first Albanian woman to defeat Everest

Uta Ibrahimi from Kosovo, is the first Albanian climber to have climbed Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world.

“On 22 May 2017 at 5 am Uta defeated Everest. She did not give up despite the weather, thus making the entire Albanian nation proud,” climber and pioneer of “Albanian Women to Himalayas” project, Xhim Begeja writes on Facebook.

Uta, herself, writes “to all the people who urged me to love mother nature, who gave me affection and embraces, courage and faith, through our expeditions over 6 years and some and to those who believed in my dream and encouraged me to make it true! Life is a personal challenge, this is my lesson learnt during these 50 days of difficult climbing to tough altitudes above sea level, through #the Himalayas…. Thank you from the bottom of the heart to each and all of you.”

Mount Everest of the Himalayas is Earth’s highest mountain. Its peak is 8,848 metres (29,029 ft) above sea level.

At this altitude air is rare and there is lack of oxygen, strong winds and extremely low temperatures make it impossible for plants and grass to grow. Mount Everest is named after Surveyor General of India, Sir George Everest by proposal of Andrew Waugh who is credited with being “the first person to put two feet on top of Mount Everest.”


Statement from Families of Fouaa and Kafraya Terrorist Opposition Bombing

Friends of Syria

by Miri Wood
Syrian child who survived Saturday’s terrorist massacre is ignored by malignant msm

Families hold Ahrar al Sham, Nusra, Qatar, and Turkey responsible for failing to protect and secure the safety of their families.  For two days the ‘militants’ procrastinated, keeping families on the buses with little food, water, and exhausted, delaying the evacuation.  In the chaos of the bombing, a large number of their relatives have been kidnapped/gone missing and they have no news of their whereabouts.


The families of Fouaa and Kafraya demand the following:

  • All culprits involved in the bombing be handed over to the authorities in the Syrian Arab Republic.
  • The transfer of the wounded (in opposition areas/Turkey) to hospitals under the control of the Syrian Arab Republic.
  • The commitment of the opposition the continuation of the agreement and completion of the evacuation of residents from Fouaa and Kafraya
  • Finding those who have since…

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CNN Calls 95 Slain Syrian Children ‘Assad Supporters’

Friends of Syria


A CNN report has covered up a heinous attack on children, women and elderly by Syrian Islamic extremist rebels.

127 Syrian evacuees were killed when a massive bomb ripped through their convoy of buses, carrying them way from the besieged towns of Fua and Kfarya to government controlled Aleppo.

95 of the victims were children; some of whom were burnt to death in the blast.

A suicide bomber woke up last Saturday morning and decided to go and kill himself some Shia children.

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He pulled up in an aids truck next to the waiting convoy at a rebel-held area on the outskirts of Aleppo.

He then started dishing out snacks to hungry children before detonating his device.

CNN described the heinous crime a consequence of “brutal war between Sunni and…

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Warmonger McCain in the Balkans – Will Serbia be another Ukraine

Friends of Syria

Whenever John McCain travels outside the US, you can guarantee trouble will follow.

Following the recent elections in Serbia of Aleksandar Vucic, the Serbs have taken to the streets to demonstrate, unhappy with the election result.

Demonstrations all over Serbia – Balkan Insight

McCain is in Serbia to make sure that Vucic will continue talks with Kosovo, so that they can rush Serbia into the EU and away from Putin. As the Cold War has never been over as far as the Balkans are concerned and the US has only one agenda and that is to get as many countries into the EU and NATO away from Russia.

The US controls Kosovo with the largest military base outside of the US and are presently building a new Embassy which could possibly one of the biggest they have. Kosovo belongs to the US as far as they are concerned and they see…

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KEK – Nepotism Continues in the Hashim Thaci Family

President Hashim Thaci continues to get jobs family members


The cousin of Hashim Thaci, Njazi Thaci is the Operating Director of the Kosovo Energy Corporation and when four positions became available at the energy company and there were over three thousand applicants for the jobs.

However it doesn’t matter how qualified you are for a position, as it is not what you know but who you know, or who your relatives are.

In the latest job hiring in Kosovo Energy Corporation, where more than 3,000 applications were submitted for four announced vacancies, the successful candidates are two family members of the director of Operations Nijazi Thaci, the nephew of the director of finances and the brother of the director of procurement!

This is the reason there was a mass exodus after the fraudulent elections, because they know there is no chance of having a job in Kosovo while Hashim Thaci and Isa Mustafa are in power.

When Isa Mustafa became Prime Minister after losing his position of Mayor to Shpend Ahmeti, it didn’t take him long to find government jobs to his family. When Mayor Ahmeti took up his position the first thing he did was to sell all the municipality cars. He then found that all the employees and all contracts had gone to family and friends of Isa Mustafa. On the other hand as soon as Isa Mustafa became Prime Minister he gave the contract to service the government cars to his son, which paid 1,000 euros per service per car. After an outcry this changed.

Kosovo is the only country in Europe that does not have freedom of movement. The reason given is the corruption, yet the US are protecting Thaci to get a deal with Serbia, so they can fast track Serbia into the EU and away from Russia, all at the expense of the Kosovars.

There is no way forward for the Kosovars while the US continues to turn a blind eye to the corruption and nepotism of Hashim Thaci and Isa Mustafa, giving the excuse that there is no evidence. There is plenty of evidence, but they don’t want to do anything about it.





Europe’s Silent Discrimination Against Kosovars

Today, Kosovars carry the single most worthless passport in all of Europe. It allows them to travel to only 12 countries in the world without a visa. These include Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey, Dominica, Ecuador, Gambia, Haiti, Micronesia, Niue, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. However, Kosovars main travel destination is the European Union. This is due to the majority of diaspora living within EU, having settled there during the break-up of Yugoslavia. The EU has imposed a stringent and unfair visa regime for all 1.7 million Kosovars. To this day, Kosovo remains the only country in the region whose citizens are required a visa to travel to within the EU — making Kosovo the most isolated country in Europe.

Kosovo is Europe’s youngest nation. It declared its independence from Serbia in 2008, after being under United Nations administration for nine years. The Serbian state carried out a brutal war against the independence-seeking Albanian population in Kosovo from 1998-1999. It is estimated that over 10,900 Kosovars were killed, around a million were deported out of the country, and hundreds of thousands of properties were burned to the ground. Thousands of Kosovars are still missing. The Serbian troops were forced out of the country after a 78-day NATO-led airstrike campaign, aided by the local Kosovo Liberation Army on the ground.

Kosovo’s efforts for international recognition have not been easy. This is almost exclusively due to Serbia’s refusal to recognize the young nation’s existence. Serbia is being supported in its efforts by Russia and China, permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. Today, 110 UN members recognize Kosovo. This includes the United States along with Germany, France, Italy, the UK, and all but five EU member states. Fearing attempts at secession by minorities on their own soil, Spain, Cyprus, Romania, Slovakia, and Greece have yet to officially recognize Kosovo. Until this changes, Kosovo cannot apply for EU membership. Therefore, it is unable to benefit from state and economic building measures that the EU integration process provides.

But when it comes to visa-free travel, the five member states refusing to recognize Kosovo are not able to block the process. The European Commission launched the visa dialogue with Kosovo in January 2012, and gave Kosovo a visa liberalization roadmap in June 2012. The document contains reform requirements to enhance Kosovo’s border management, passport safety, as well as human rights records. Similar roadmaps were given to all neighboring countries in 2008. One difference stands out, however: Kosovo’s neighboring states have clear language and defined targets in their official roadmap documents. For Kosovo, the assessments are vague and confusing, lacking a clear list of next steps.

Civil society organizations in Kosovo have issued a worrisome call on the EU to end the anti-Kosovo bias. They want the EU to employ a clear assessment of the roadmap detailing where Kosovo is lagging behind in its reform process, remedy it, and eventually allow Kosovars to enjoy freedom of movement. This is one of the EU’s key founding principles.

In the open letter to the European Commission, civil society organizations state:

In July 2014, the European Commission issued a report on Kosovo’s progress… this report is strikingly and worryingly different from the visa progress reports that Kosovo’s Balkan neighbors received in 2008-2010. It is also very different from the report on Turkey issued in 2014.

Kosovars are fed up with being the most isolated nation in Europe. They are unfairly kept separate from their loved ones living in the EU and find it increasingly difficult — if not impossible — to engage in any business expansion into the EU due to the visa restrictions. The recent open illegal walk into Hungary featuring tens of thousands of Kosovars was a direct message to the EU that they need to act on this pressing issue now.

The EU has had executive powers in Kosovo ever since statehood began in 2008. To be fair, everything going on within the country — economically and otherwise —- is partially due to EU management. Neighboring countries, whose citizens currently travel freely within the EU, stand on the same ground as Kosovo. Poverty is not a criteria that defines who gets to travel freely. If it were one, Moldovans would not be able to travel freely in the EU, which they are.

It is clear the reasons holding Kosovo back and isolated are political. This bias against Kosovars is not a European value — it is the value of nations that discriminate and breach basic human rights. In the end, Kosovars aren’t seeking any better treatment. As their open letter concludes: “We appeal to you to be as fair when it comes to the issue of visa liberalization for Kosovo citizens as you have been in dealing with our neighbors’ and Turkey today.”

The detainee who died in the Detention Center in Lipjan, the main witness in the case Dehari?

A detainee with initials NM has died today at the Detention Center in Lipjan. The news of the death of the detainee has confirmed through a press KCS.

But Jalal Sveçla the Self-Determination Movement, has said that the deceased was the main witness in the case of Astrit Dehari.

Dying detainee at the Detention Center in Lipjan
Dying detainee at the Detention Center in Lipjan

“In Lipljan prison dies key witness, a former roommate of Astrit Dehari room. What is happening …, “wrote Sveçla, reports Telegraph.

Unlike the release of the Kosovo Correctional Service has said that “the FMC Lipljan, we received information that the detainee NM, although resuscitate, could not survive. The case is being investigated by the competent authorities “.

source:  Telegraph

Soros Funded Anti-Government Organizations In Macedonia With US TAXPAYERS’ MONEY


First of all, this is a hot topic in the past few months and I want to explain EVERYTHING for you, dear readers.

Related image

For starters, I have to mention that Macedonia is a small country of 2million people. Country with HEAVY and DARK history, full of oppression, wars, and poverty. However, Macedonia is the GATE of Europe and has the best strategic position on the Balkans and the South Eastern Europe.

This small country NEVER had allies! Never! Except for the American Republicans. Woodrow Willson was the ONLY PRESIDENT in the entire history that fought for the rights of this poor country. That means that the USA is the only natural ally to this poor and oppressed nation.

Macedonians, of course, remembered who was their ONLY ally in their entire history and they ‘paid back’ the favor. Macedonia ( country of 2 million) was one of the countries with HIGHEST NUMBER OF SOLDIERS IN IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN.

In many missions Macedonian soldiers risked their lives to protect their fellow USA brothers-in-arms, and they are rewarded from President Bush. ( P.S. They are still not part of NATO because of a dispute with Greece, despite the fact that Macedonia has HUGE commitment -bigger than most of the regular NATO members, in both Iraq and Afghanistan operations and many more.)

In 2015 and 2016 Macedonian Government said it- NO ILLEGAL MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS IN EUROPE! After the Paris attacks, Macedonia ( who is the ‘FIRST station’ in Europe for the muslim refugees) decided not to let go the illegal immigrants from Asia and the Middle East.


This is the truth!

This January, Senator Mike Lee said this:

“I have received credible reports that, over the past few years, the US Mission to Macedonia has actively intervened in the party politics of Macedonia, as well as in the shaping of its media environment and civil society, often favoring groups of one political persuasion over another.”

In March, Lee and Senators Jim Inhofe (R-OK), Thom Tillis (R-NC), Ted Cruz (R-TX), David Perdue (R-GA), and Bill Cassidy (R-LA) requested that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson investigate.( according to Youngcons)

George Sorors used the TAXPAYERS’ MONEY with USAID in Macedonia to fund and launch the violent riots and he supported POLITICAL PARTY in opposition to TURN down the CONSERVATIVE GOVERNMENT -VMRO DPMNE.

Look what this member of the Macedonian parliament said about George Soros and his ANTI-PATRIOTIC CAMPAIGN IN MACEDONIA : “It was a nightmare. The Soros army threw rocks at police guarding VMRO headquarters. Meanwhile, they were handing scissors out on the border to help people cut fences. Chaos,”

The liberal hypocrites influenced the election and now the conservative VMRO-DPMNE government lost the parliament. THIS IS WHAT SOROS DID! And, of course, OBAMA KNEW EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS! The liberals blamed Russians for influence on the USA elections, but THE LIBERALS USE TAXPAYERS’ MONEY TO INFLUENCE ELECTION IN MACEDONIA!


Vetëvendosje Agron Kabashi physically attacked activist

Self-Determination: Agron Kabashi physically attacked activist

Last night, around 23:35, unknown persons attacked activist Agron Kabashi, who had accompanied the vehicle Organizing Secretary, Dardan Molliqaj, says the announcement of Vetëvendosje, transmits Koha.net.

According to the report, the incident occurred in “Muharrem Fejza Road”, the Dardan molliqaj apartment, where Kabashi activist had left Molliqaj and was returning to the car. He says the announcement is hit with metal rods, thus causing him bodily injuries and now lies in the Emergency Center QKUK’së. Also, these people have Kabashi activist threatened and told not to accompany me never Molliqaj. This, according to the notice, indicating that the attack was politically motivated and is an attack on the organizational secretary of the Lëvizjes Vetëvendosjes party.

Police are investigating the case.

Agron’s health condition is good.


Warning to Travellers not to pass through Serbia as this can happen

Kosovo Busses attacked in Serbia

Within a month  two Kosovar buses have been attacked while travelling in Serbia.

On March 13 it reported on an attack that was done to one of the buses of the company ‘Bici Com’ where windows were damaged vehicle traveling in question, but the news was denied by the leaders of the company.




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