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Kosovo has over 2 trillion dollars worth of minerals

Sahit Muja, General Wesley Clark and Avni Mustafaj

Albanian Minerals President and CEO Sahit Muja said Kosovo has over $2 trillion dollars worth of minerals including brown coal,lignite. Albanian Minerals has done an extensive geological research in Kosovo and has assessed all previous researches. The conclusion of Albanian Minerals research as of 2015 showed that Kosovo has over $2 trillion dollars in mineral reserves.

Sahit Muja said, Trepça mining in Kosovo has long played a key role in Yugoslavia’s economic development, employing 25,000 people. Trepca under Former Yugoslavia’s management has over a million tons of annual output worth over $4 billion dollars a year. The Trepca and Kosovo’s mining enterprise dates back since Roman times.
Trepça, in Kosovo, has one of the world’s largest reserves for lead, zinc, and silver and rare earth minerals. Trepça was the leader in Europe in the mining of lead, zinc, silver and gold.

Mr. Muja added that Kosovo has one of the world’s largest reserves. Kosovo has a huge potential in natural resources, Kosovo is making progress and is fully integrated in the regional cooperation initiatives and ultimately into the European Union.

Sahit Muja said: The business environment in Kosovo has becoming the most competitive in the region.
For instance, Kosovo’s tax system is excellent in both the simplicity of compliance and the low level of burden on enterprises. Now is the right time to invest in Kosovo. There are numerous investment opportunities in Kosovo. The business friendly environment and a very entrepreneurial people will highly contribute to any of your endeavours.

Kosovo is one of the wealthiest lands in natural resources per square mile in Europe. With amazing mountains, rivers, forests, and rich soil. Kosovo is very rich in minerals such as lignite, coal, zinc, gold, bauxite, silver, magnesium, lead, silver, aluminum, chrome ore and much more Kosovo possesses around 15 billion tons of lignite in reserves,
fifth largest lignite reserves in the world. Kosovo also possesses rich reserves of asbestos, indium, germanium, thallium, and gallium, limestone, marble, quartz and other minerals.

Mr. Muja said, The majority of Kosovo’s natural resources remain unused, its large reserves of natural resources worth trillions of dollars are a great potential for future economic development in Kosovo. Kosovo has one of the most open economies in the region, and continues to work with the international community on measures to improve the business climate and attract foreign investment.

Wesley Clark, retired U.S. Army general and former Democratic presidential candidate, is trying invest in Kosovo. Mr.Clark chairs a Canadian energy company called Envidity, which is seeking a license to explore Kosovo’s undergound coal deposits to use to make synthetic fuel for cars and planes.

“I hope we can do it here because if we can, it’ll make a huge difference for the country,” Clark said in an interview when he visited Kosovo . “It could bring hundreds of millions even billions of dollars worth of foreign direct .”

By.Justin Gills
New York News




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