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What a Difference Police Presence Makes During a Demonstration


10828034_10152506218712000_3173923362261123019_oSaturdays demonstration calling for the dismissal of Serb minister Aleksandar Jablanovic, who is accused of insulting Albanian war victims and the Trepça mine which Prime Minister Isa Mustafa has recently changed the law, which protected the mine. 

Protesters but require by the Government to urgently bring the Kosovo Assembly privatisation law that prevents theTrepça and made the property of the Republic of Kosovo. The law was withdrawn by the Government after some discontent of Belgrade. Serbia claims ownership over Kosovo’s economic giant.

As soon as the USA/EU broke laws to get their puppet leaders Isa Mustafa and Hashim Thaci, in power to do their bidding, it is suspected that they may use the mine, to make a deal with Serbia, to recognise Kosovo, so that the US/EU can get Serbia into the EU as soon as possible and away from Russia.

On Saturday, neither of the leaders were in Prishtina, with Hashim Thaci, paying respects to his friend the King of Saudi Arabia and Isa Mustafa in Peja on business.

demonWhen walking to the demonstration, there was a noticeable lack of police, which are usually in large numbers at even the smallest demonstration and this one was expected to be big. The only police we saw at all, were traffic police, who had closed the road for the march, which started at the University library and finished outside the government building. The protest went peacefully without police harassment.

SAM_1889There were not the usual rows of riot police which on most occasions outnumbered protesters. In fact we didn’t see any police at all, even when the peaceful demonstration ended with hooligans throwing rocks at the government building and smashing the windows, we couldn’t understand why the police were not stopping them. Window after window was getting smashed by rocks and no sign of police.


SAM_1937Fisnik Ismaili from Vetevendosje went down to the hooligans, who were responsible for throwing the rocks, to get them to stop. In a press conference later, he accused the PDK and LDK parties, of paying the hooligans to disrupt the protest and incite violence, as when he approached them, they ran away, which they would not do if they were part of the demonstration.

Once most of the crowd had left Mother Theresa and there were only a few of the trouble makers left, the police arrived with riot police and started chasing anyone who was left in the square. Tables were upturned, tear gas was sprayed, all of this was totally unnecessary for the small amount of people who were still remaining.

It was dusk and the demonstration had finished at least an hour before, so who had instructed this strange behaviour? Why were they not stopping the young men throwing rocks earlier? The media gave the impression that the demonstration was all violent showing the riot police running with their tear gas, which was far from the truth. This was all a planned to show the world that the demonstration was violent and discredit Vetevendosje.



Protest 27th January


Now today’s demonstration was totally different, with less people and the full riot squad in attendance to provoke  the protesters, as they usually do. Once again the protest was peaceful, until the police started to move forward and set off tear gas, even though there was no reason to.

They used so much tear gas that people all over Prishtina were affected. They were not only using tear gas today, but a water cannon and firing rubber bullets.

rubber bullets found at the protest

rubber bullets found at the protest

This is the way Thaci and Mustafa, (the two most corrupt politicians in Kosovo) treat the opposition. At 3.14pm today the police arrested Shpend Ahmeti, the Mayor of Prishtina. Ahmeti replaced Isa Mustafa as Mayor of Prishtina and has regularly found irregularities in the way Isa Mustafa ran the Municipality.

Mustafa’s term was full of corruption, from giving building permits to illegal buildings, nepotism with the Municipality’s staff all relatives of Mustafa and municipality contracts going to Mustafa’s relatives. In his term as Mayor of Pristina, Isa Mustafa destroyed Prishtina and now he is Prime Minister he is going to destroy Kosovo. Isa Mustafa should be in jail, for corruption and nepotism not Prime Minister. EULEX is supposed to be teaching rule of law, yet they let criminals run the country.

auto_shpendiii1422367563Arresting Shpend Ahmeti today was payback towards Ahmeti who was later released, without charge.

The fighting against the police went on, until the evening with 35 police and 20 protesters wounded. The protesters were using anything they could find to make barricades including setting fire to rubbish bins.

The anger is now being taken out against the government and the protests will not stop until Aleksandar Jablanovic stands down and the mine is protected. Dirty deals were done and laws broken, for the US to get Thaci and Mustafa to run Kosovo and the people know it. Kosovo once again suffers for the sake of Serbia.

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2 thoughts on “What a Difference Police Presence Makes During a Demonstration

  1. (Tuesday’s riots) I thought the police action was very restrained in the face of gangs of hoodlums throwing rocks at them. I saw several officers badly injured. In just about any other country the police would have gone in and forcibly arrested far more than they did here.

    Posted by C. | January 28, 2015, 10:32 am
    • There were plenty of police on Tuesday, as there usually are, but why were there none stopping the windows getting smashed on Saturday. They were throwing rocks at the windows for hours and nobody was stopping them and then at dusk when there were few people left, the riot police arrived. Very strange behaviour, as if they wanted the rocks thrown, just so they could say the demonstration was violent.

      Posted by friends of kosova | February 1, 2015, 8:53 pm

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