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Suspected Kosovo organ-trafficker arrested in Cyprus

Moshe Harel, who heads an international israeli ring selling body parts

A man suspected of trafficking in human organs has been arrested in Cyprus. Israeli national Moshe Harel faces extradition to Kosovo, where he is accused of luring kidney donors from Turkey and the ex-Soviet Union a decade ago.

Harel is accused of promising up to $14,500 in payment to donors, with the extracted organs reportedly being sold on to mainly Israeli recipients for as much as $120,000. Some donors were reportedly never paid.

Interpol and Russia had issued international arrest warrants for Harel. His extradition is now being requested by the authorities in Kosovo – a province of Serbia that declared independence in 2008, but remains unrecognized by the UN and a number of countries, including Cyprus.

“Based on an international arrest warrant the suspect M.H. was arrested a few days ago in Cyprus. He has been a wanted person since 2010,” Baki Kelani, a spokesman for Kosovo police, told Reuters.

Harel is accused of being one of nine people involved in the organ-trafficking ring, run from a clinic in a residential area in Pristina. Their alleged activities were discovered in 2008, when a Turkish man complained of pain at Pristina airport after his kidney was removed.

In 2013, the director of the clinic, Lutfi Dervishi, and his son Arban were sentenced to eight and seven years respectively for their part in the group’s activities. Both men later went into hiding.

Dervishi was captured last year and retried, along with several others involved in the case. The trial is still ongoing. His son and a Turkish doctor, Yusuf Sonmez, are still on the run.

Kosovo is no stranger to cases of alleged organ harvesting, and local authorities have been particularly sensitive to accusations of the kind, ever since a former UN prosecutor accused the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) of harvesting human organs from Serbs captured and killed during and after the 1998-99 conflict. KLA leaders, now influential politicians, denied the charges and called them a ploy to challenge the province’s independence.

An EU-commissioned inquiry led by an American prosecutor concluded in 2014 that “this practice did occur on a very limited scale and that a small number of individuals were killed for the purpose of extracting and trafficking their organs.”



Today at the Security Council

Acknowledging the truth about war crimes in Kosovo is the only way that both societies can move forward.

President Jahjaga was not able to read her speech in Belgrade, therefore I want to read a part of it here:

“The stories presented in the book are not only stories of torture and abuse. They are stories of the cruelest form of torture. These are stories of rape-rape used as a tool of war. These are stories of a truth that has been attempted to be concealed, hidden and buried. Over the years, I have met hundreds of survivors of sexual violence during the war, in different parts of my country.

Carefully and patiently, I have listened to their stories; I have cried for those who needed me to cry with them, and I have stayed strong for those who needed me to be strong. I have heard a story of a woman from the Drenica region who was gang-raped continuously by Serbian paramilitaries for over six months. I have spoken to a woman in Gjakova whose body was mutilated while she was raped.

Just recently, I met the child of a war rape victim who died without receiving the justice she hoped for, for so many years; I truly hope that you read this book, share it with your friends and family, ask your government to punish the perpetrators and call for reconciliation with your neighbours. We shall not let anybody keep us hostages of the past.

The victims of these crimes will never be able to find peace unless the perpetrators of these crimes are brought to justice. This is a precondition for long lasting peace, good neighbourly relations and a stable future for the next generations. The future of our countries lies in our hands. Let it be a future of reconciliation and peace”

Ambassador Vlora Citaku

Proof – Serbia Supplying Weapons to ISIS

The Syrian Arab Army have today captured ISIS terrorists fighting in Deir Ezzor and confiscated their weapons, that have been supplied by Serbia.

In the past Serbia has distanced itself from ISIS, constantly bragging that there are no Serbs fighting for ISIS, even though records have shown there are.

Serbia is constantly saying that they are behind Syria and Russia, but the truth is their weapons are used to kill Russians.

This is not the first time we have heard that Serbian made weapons have been shipped to ISIS through Bulgaria. However this is the first time we have seen ISIS actually using them. Serbia cannot deny it this time as we have the proof.


“General Diković and 37th Brigade in Kosovo” Film

The Concealment of Bodies

The cover-up of evidence of crimes during the war in Kosovo:




Since 2001, mass graves containing the bodies of 941 Kosovo Albanians, mainly civilians killed outside combat situations in Kosovo during 1999, have been found on four locations in Serbia. According to the UNMIK Office on Missing Persons and Forensics (OMPF), 744 bodies of Kosovo Albanians have been discovered in Batajnica, on the outskirts of Belgrade, at least 61 in Petrovo Selo, and 84 at Lake Perućac. At least 52 bodies have been subsequently found in the mass grave at Rudnica.

Information on the secret removal of the bodies of Kosovo Albanians from Kosovo to Serbia and their subsequent burial in mass graves was disclosed for the first time on 25 May 2001 in a document entitled “Information”, prepared by a Working Group established by the Serbian Ministry of the Interior (MUP) to investigate the matter. Shortly afterwards, the first exhumations began at the Batajnica mass grave site (on 2 June 2001), followed by exhumations in Petrovo Selo (on 25 June 2001) and at Lake Perućac (on 6 September 2001). On 13 December 2013, the first human remains were unearthed from the mass grave at Rudnica.

In this very “Information” of the Working Group, it was stated that the decision to conceal evidence of crimes committed was planned as early as March 1999 at the highest level of the government, and that the then President of the FRY, Slobodan Milošević, ordered Vlajko Stojiljković, Minister of the Interior at the time, to take measures to remove evidence of mass crimes against Kosovo Albanian civilians. That the operation to conceal corpses was planned at the highest level of government was corroborated also by other evidence presented before the ICTY and the War Crimes Department of the District Court in Belgrade, which is analysed in this Dossier.

The analysed testimonies and accompanying witness statements could be divided into two groups: the first group comprises statements given by eyewitnesses and survivors of crimes; the second group, more numerous, comprises statements of insiders, mostly members of the police and workers of utility companies, who took part in the transportation and burial of the bodies. In addition to these, numerous police and military documents were also analysed, primarily those available through the ICTY database, but also some documents the HLC acquired on its own, independently of the courts.

The evidence not only corroborated the conclusions of the Working Groups that the operation was planned and ordered by the most senior political and police leadership of the FRY and Serbia, but also indicated that members of both departments of the Serbian MUP (RJB and RDB), from all levels of the police hierarchy – from the most senior officials to the lowest ranking police officers – were involved in it. So was the VJ, through its departments in charge of “clearing up the terrain”. Civilians and workers of municipal utility companies also took part in removing the corpses, and the machines and other equipment of these companies were also used for this purpose, usually on the orders of local police officials.

The testimonies and statements of witnesses and available documentation from that time clearly Dossier: The cover-up of evidence of crimes during the war in Kosovo: THE CONCEALMENT OF BODIES OPERATION 8 suggest that the term “clearing up the terrain” or “sanitization” was abundantly used by politicians and military and police forces to refer to the illegal removal of bodies and their burial in clandestine mass graves in order to cover up the crimes committed.

From the statements of witnesses who took part in the transportation and burial of bodies it became evident that the bodies discovered in mass graves belonged to Kosovo Albanian civilians. This was further corroborated by eyewitness accounts and subsequent forensic analyses.

The bodies found in mass graves belonged not only to males, but also to females and children. The cause of their deaths, in most cases, was a gunshot wound, mainly to the head, suggesting that the victims did not die in combat but as a result of execution-style killings outside situations of combat.

Now, sixteen years after the discovery of the mass graves in Batajnica, Petrovo Selo and at Lake Perućac, and more than three years after the discovery of the mass grave at Rudnica, all these locations remain unmarked, without any sign to indicate that hundreds of bodies of men, women and children who had been killed in numerous mass crimes in Kosovo were buried in Serbia. The HLC has launched an initiative to establish a memorial site at the Batajnica mass grave site. At the time of the publication of this Dossier, the online petition in support of the initiative has been signed by several hundred people.1

No one has ever been held accountable before courts in Serbia for the large-scale operation of concealment of bodies of Kosovo Albanian victims in mass graves.

read full transcript

Albanians that have been brainwashed to fight for Islam


That’s how albanians were killed and fight in the name of Islam in Syria and Iraq.
The war against terrorism is placed in the centre of the work of the legitimate institutions in Albania, declared that by senior officials, and even during the visit, stressing that performed today in tirana, the chief of the central intelligence agency (CIA) John Brennan.
Albania has prosecute persons who have returned from Syria, a country at war between the dictatorial regime Bashar Al-Assad and rebels.
But what’s the number of albanians who have taken part in the war in Syria and Iraq?
Learning express that are 135 Albanians who are engaged in those wars until the year 2015, while 64 Albanians are still in front of the war in these countries. Meanwhile, in spite of all the scary figures, during 2015-2016 any albanian hasn’t left their homes for joining the wars in Syria.
During these fights being held in the name of Islam and the albanians as jihadists unite, so holy war in the name of Allah, have lost their lives 28 Albanians, sources said to express.
135 albanians have taken part in the war on Syria and Iraq
76 of them have been active in the struggle
24 were women, and
35 kids
64 Albanians are at war
20 of them have been active in fighting
17 of them are women, and
27 kids
48 albanians have returned from fighting in Syria and in Iraq
33 of them have been active in combat
7 of them women, and 8 kids
In Albania are recorded some cauldron where rekturohen people to fight for Jihad. Justice organs have condemned one of the largest groups to recruit the albanians and submitting them to Syria to fight terrorist groupings for ISIS and al nusra jihadists, where 9 of the accused were sentenced to 126 years in prison, between them. Self-proclaimed Imams.
In many countries of world terrorism fight from chain of cooperation in a variety of factors, religious and social and institutional, such as police, schools, religious communities, and others. The hardest part, especially for the albanians, returned from the war front, it’s their reintegration into society./ the newspaper express

Milosevic exonerated, as the NATO war machine moves on

No-one in the western media will report this story as it thoroughly discredits NATO, the US and their continued strategy of demonising their declared enemies


This story has been completely ignored by the Western mainstream media, not surprising as it blows a huge gaping hole below the waterline of the official narrative of the Bosnian War, the one where the evil Serbs and their dastardly leaders Milosevic, Karadic and Mladic carried out systematic mass murder and ethnic cleansing – a genocide against the poor Bosnians.

So what now? Now that the truth we have known for nearly 20 years has finally been officially recognised will the real culprits be brought to justice? Not hardly.

The truly guilty are the US Neocons; Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld; plus their stooges in NATO and the EU.

The lesson that we need to take away from this sad saga is that NATO is not a force for good in this world, rather it is the military arm of the Zionist cabal, the stick used to beat into line any nation who dares oppose their agenda for world hegemony.

The Bosnian War strategy is being repeated today in Ukraine, with the poor brainwashed Ukrainians playing the part of the Bosnians; the Russians are the evil Serbs and Putin is filling the tyrannical ‘Hitler’ role that was tragically fulfilled by Milosevic.

However, the stakes are much higher this time around, NATO is weaker with it’s members more divided, Russia is far stronger than Serbia and the potential battleground is the whole of Europe rather than just the Balkans.

As much as NATO would love it to happen, I don’t see Putin ever occupying the dock at the Hague and Russia being beaten into submission as Serbia was.

Sadly I don’t see any greater chance of today’s guilty parties – McCain, Nuland, Yatsenyuk, Tyanhbok, Yarosh etc. being brought to justice than their predecessors who destroyed Yugoslavia.

The ICTY’s exoneration of the late Slobodan Milosevic, the former President of Yugoslavia, for war crimes committed in the Bosnia war, proves again we should take NATO claims regarding its ’official enemies’ not with a pinch of salt, but a huge lorry load.

For the past twenty odd years, neocon commentators and ‘liberal interventionist’ pundits have been telling us at every possible opportunity, that Milosevic (a democratically elected leader in a country where over 20 political parties freely operated) was an evil genocidal dictator who was to blame for ALL the deaths in the Balkans in the 1990s. Repeat after me in a robotic voice (while making robotic arm movements): ‘Milosevic’s genocidal aggression’ ‘Milosevic’s genocidal aggression’.

But the official narrative, just like the one that told us that in 2003, Iraq had WMDs which could be launched within 45 minutes, was a deceitful one, designed to justify a regime change-op which the Western elites had long desired.

The ICTY’s conclusion, that one of the most demonized figures of the modern era was innocent of the most heinous crimes he was accused of, really should have made headlines across the world. But it hasn‘t. Even the ICTY buried it, deep in its 2,590 page verdict in the trial of Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic who was convicted in March of genocide (at Srebrenica), war crimes and crimes against humanity.

There was no official announcement or press conference regarding Milosevic‘s exoneration. We’ve got journalist and researcher Andy Wilcoxson to thank for flagging it up for us.

How very different it all was when the trial of the so-called ‘Butcher of the Balkans’, began in February 2002! Then, you‘d have to have been locked in a wardrobe not to be aware of what was going on.

CNN provided blanket coverage of what was described as “the most important trial since Nuremberg.” Of course, Milosevic’s guilt was taken as a given. “When the sentence comes and he disappears into that cell, no one is going to hear from him again,” declared US lawyer Judith Armatta from the Coalition for International Justice, an organization which had the former US Ambassador to Yugoslavia, Warren Zimmerman, as an advisory board member.

Anyone who dared to challenge the NATO line was labeled a “Milosevic apologist”, or worse still, a “genocide denier”, by ‘Imperial Truth Enforcers’.

But amid all the blather and the hype surrounding the ’trial of the century’ it soon became apparent the prosecution was in deep, deep trouble. The Sunday Times quoted a legal expert who claimed that “Eighty percent of the prosecution’s opening statements would have been dismissed by a British court as hearsay.” That, I believe, was a generous assessment.

The problem was that this was a show trial, one in which geopolitics came before hard evidence. It’s important to remember that the original indictment against Milosevic in relation to alleged Kosovo war crimes/genocide was issued in May 1999, at the height of the NATO bombing campaign against Yugoslavia and at a time when war was not going to plan for the US and its allies.

The indictment was clearly designed to exert pressure on Milosevic to cave into NATO’s demands.

The trouble for NATO was that by the time Milosevic’s trial was due to start, the Kosovo narrative had already unraveled. The lurid claims made by the US and its allies about genocide and hundreds of thousands being killed, catalogued by the great John Pilger here, had been shown to be false. In September 2001, a UN court officially held that there had been no genocide in Kosovo.

So in an attempt to beef up their weakening case against Milosevic the prosecutors at The Hague had to bring in new charges relating to the war in Bosnia, accusing ‘Slobo’ of being part of a ‘joint criminal conspiracy’ to kill/ethnically cleanse Bosnian Croats and Bosnian Muslims in pursuance of a ’Greater Serbia’ project.

In normal criminal prosecutions evidence is collected and then, if it’s deemed sufficient, charges are brought. But the opposite happened in the case of Milosevic: he was charged for political reasons and the hunt for evidence then followed.

The irony is that the former Yugoslav President had already been praised by President Clinton for his role in brokering a peace deal in Bosnia in 1995, which was signed in Dayton, Ohio.

The truth is that Milosevic was no hardcore Serb nationalist but a lifelong socialist, whose commitment was always to a multi-racial, multi-ethnic Yugoslavia.

His aim throughout his time in power was not to build a ’Greater Serbia‘, but to try and keep Federal Yugoslavia together, as the ICTY now belatedly acknowledges.

Not only was Milosevic not responsible for ethnic cleansing which took place in Bosnia, he actually spoke out against it. The ICTY noted Milosevic’s “repeated criticism and disapproval of the policies made by the Accused (Karadzic) and the Bosnian Serb leadership.” Milosevic, a man for whom all forms of racism were anathema, insisted that all ethnicities must be protected.

But in order to punish Milosevic and to warn others of the consequences if they dared to oppose US power, history had to be re-written. The pro-Yugoslavia socialist who had opposed the policies of the Bosnian Serb leadership had to be turned, retrospectively, into the villain of the Bosnian War and indeed blamed for all the bloodshed which took place in the Balkans. Meanwhile, the aforementioned US Ambassador Warren Zimmerman, whose malign intervention to scupper a diplomatic solution helped trigger the Bosnian conflict got off scot-free.

The ‘Blame it All on Slobo’ campaign saw facts simply thrown out of the window. One article, written, I kid ye not, by an Oxford University Professor of European Studies even had Milosevic as leader of Yugoslavia in 1991 (the year that Slovenia broke away). In fact the Bosnian Croat, Ante Markovic, was the leader of the country at the time.

Inevitably, Milosevic was likened to Hitler. “It was just like watching the evil strutting Adolf Hitler in action,” wrote the News of the World’s political editor, when Milosevic had the temerity to defend himself in court. “There were chilling flashes of the World War Two Nazi monster as the deposed Serb tyrant harangued the court.”

To make sure readers did get the Milosevic=Hitler point, the News of the World illustrated their diatribe with a picture of Hitler ‘The Butcher of Berlin’, in front of a concentration camp, with a picture of Milosevic ‘The Butcher of Belgrade’ superimposed on a picture of a Bosnian concentration camp. Which in fact, he had nothing to do with.

Very conveniently for the prosecution, Milosevic died suddenly in his cell in March 2006.

Going by what we had seen at the trial up to that point, it’s inconceivable that a guilty sentence could have been passed. A whole succession of ’smoking gun’ witnesses had turned out to be dampest of damp squibs.

As I noted in an earlier piece:

Star witness Ratomir Tanic was exposed as being in the pay of Western security forces, whilst ex-Yugoslav secret police chief Rade Markovic, the man who was finally going to spill the beans on Milosevic and reveal how his former master had ordered the expulsion of ethnic Albanians from Kosovo, in fact did the opposite and testified that he had been tortured to tell lies and that his written statement had been falsified by the prosecution.

In addition, as I noted here, the former head of security in the Yugoslav army, General Geza Farkas (an ethnic Hungarian), testified that all Yugoslav soldiers in Kosovo had been handed a document explaining international humanitarian law, and that they were ordered to disobey any orders which violated it. Farkas also said that Milosevic ordered no paramilitary groups should be permitted to operate anywhere in Kosovo.

When Milosevic died, his accusers claimed he had “cheated justice”. But in fact, as the ICTY has now confirmed, the injustice was done to Milosevic.

While he had to defend himself against politically-motivated charges at The Hague, the US and its allies launched their brutal, illegal assault on Iraq, a war which has led to the death of up to one million people. Last year a report from Body Count revealed that at least 1.3 million people had lost their lives as a result of the US-led ‘war on terror’ in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Those sorts of figures help us get Kosovo into some kind of perspective. Even if we do hold Milosevic and the Yugoslav government responsible for some of the deaths there in 1999, (in a war which the West had clearly desired and provoked) far, far, greater death and destruction has been caused by the countries who were the keenest to see the President of Yugoslavia in the dock. As John Pilger noted in 2008, the bombing of Yugoslavia was the “perfect precursor to the bloodbaths in Afghanistan and Iraq.”

Since then we’ve also had the NATO destruction of Libya, the country which had the highest living standards in the whole of Africa and the backing of violent ‘rebels’ to try and achieve ‘regime change’ in Syria.

You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to see a pattern here.

Before a US-led war or ‘humanitarian intervention’ against a targeted state, a number of lurid claims are made about the country‘s leader and its government. These claims receive maximum media coverage and are repeated ad nauseam on the basis that people will bound to think they’re true.

Later it transpires that the claims were either entirely false (like the Iraq WMD ones), unproven, or greatly exaggerated. But the news cycle has moved on focusing not on the exposure of the fraudulent claims made earlier but on the next aggressive/genocidal ‘New Hitler’ who needs to be dealt with. In 1999 it was Milosevic; now it’s Assad and Putin.

And guess what, dear reader? It’s the same people who defend the Iraq war and other blood-stained Western military interventions based on lies, unproven claims or great exaggerations, who are the ones doing the accusing.

As that very wise old saying goes: When you point one finger, there are three fingers pointing back to you.


Prishtinasit evidence of a possibility of mass graves in the UP campus

Prishtinasit evidence of a possibility of mass graves in the UP campus

 Recent excavations at the campus of the University in search of a mass grave of missing persons from the last war in Kosovo ended without any findings.

At the site of the third excavation, behind the Rector of UP, as he was excavating a citizen of Pristina near it and spoke to “Koha Ditore”, showing that although there can be no bones of missing persons at that location, Koha.net broadcasts.

Muharrem Pristina Rahman, former employees of Public Enterprise “Ramiz Sadiku” claims that the excavations in the third paragraph have been misplaced. He said that the area where excavation developed back of the University of Prishtina is impossible to have remains because, according to him, a few years before the war was himself with several other workers who have raised those tiles.

“Had the early days when they start digging back Rector would say that this country is completely wrong. I was an employee of the public enterprise “Ramiz Sadiku” in 1996 and some people have raised these tiles, as it can be claimed that the Serbs had allegedly latest concrete and buried people. Can be rather suspect somewhere below, but here are the plates where the excavation is part developed completely wrong, “he told the newspaper.

He stressed that this team has also said working in these excavations, but his words were not considered on the grounds that the excavations have already been completed.

The newspaper also tried to contact officials from the Kosovo Special Prosecution Office to get answers if they are aware of this issue, but the contact was impossible. While officials present at the excavation refused to speak with the media.

Excavations in the area of the University started with an order of the Special Prosecutor of the Republic of Kosovo after allegations made by several witnesses who claimed that in this location are buried bodies of Albanians killed during the war.
On 13 and July 14 were verified two points suspected Serbian Orthodox church “Sveti Nikola”, and after two weeks on the grounds that termination may have infrastructure problems, work continued for two days to rest back Rector.


Kucinich: Cowardly US Leaders Push Endless Cycle of War


There is a chilling account in today’s Washington Post entitled, “A desperate woman’s email from Iraq reveals the high toll of Obama’s low-cost wars,” detailing the civilian casualties caused by the US government in its pursuit from high altitudes of enemy combatants on the ground in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen.

President Obama, who often personally orders drone strikes, recently delivered the commencement address at the Air Force Academy in which he “rattled off to cheers from the cadets and the crowd” a list of enemies killed or captured.

Thousands of innocent civilians have been killed or injured in the past few years, punctuated by short-lived public celebrations of the assassination of opposition military figures who are quickly replaced by others ready to lead the fight against foreign attackers.

The extraordinary “collateral damage” i.e, the deaths of innocent civilians through assassination air strikes by US drone and bombing attacks, produces a new generation of people who will strike back to avenge the deaths of their loved ones. And so the endless cycle of war continues, pushed by US political leaders whose diplomatic vision is limited to peering through bomb sites at pin-point objects standing unawares on the ground.

Read the Washington Post story here.

Russian UN envoy Churkin names Turkish companies helping ISIS make bombs

Russian ambassador to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin. © Brendan McDermid

Russian ambassador to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin. © Brendan McDermid / Reuters

In UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin’s letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, the envoy says analysis of chemical components of explosives recovered in Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) liberated areas of Iraq’s Tikrit and the Syrian city of Kobani, implicate Turkish companies.

Components found in the explosives, Churkin wrote, “indicate that they were either manufactured in Turkey or delivered to that country without the right of re-export.”

The composition of the improvised explosive devices (IEDs) included the use of aluminum powder, ammonium nitrate, granulated carbamide and hydrogen peroxide that were produced by Turkish firms “Gultas Kimya” , “Marikem Kimyevi Ve Endüstriyel Ürünler”, “Diversey Kimya”, “Metkim”, and “EKM Gubre”.

Churkin specifically noted a sevenfold export increase from Turkey to Syria of ammonium nitrate used by terrorists as a component for the manufacture of improvised explosive devices.

He also noted that the “detonation cords manufactured in third countries have been illegally resold through Turkey to ISIL fighters,” as bombs used by Islamists also contained American made microcontrollers produced by Microchip Technology, Swiss-made transistors made by ST Microelectronics and Finish Nokia phones model 105 RM-908.

“These facts demonstrate that the Turkish authorities are deliberately involved in Daesh activity, as they are providing access to components for improvised explosive devices that are being widely used to commit terrorist acts,” the Russian envoy said.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry was quick to reject Russia’s claims calling the letter “the most recent example of Russia’s propaganda campaign against Turkey.”

Russia has repeatedly accused and presented evidence of Turkish involvement in running IS operations in Syria and Iraq. Churkin’s letter comes following an earlier 20-month long study published by Conflict Armament Research (CAR), which concluded that over 50 companies from 20 countries, sold or received hundreds of components used by Islamic State terrorists to build explosive devices. A total of 13 Turkish firms were found to be involved in the supply chain.

The 107-page report concluded homemade explosives can easily be assembled using everyday products that are actually not subject to transfer controls such as export licensing. As a result, their supply within the region is basically unregulated and weakly monitored. Other key components, such as detonators and detonating cords, are subject to export licensing, but are also commonly used in commercial activities, such as mining and industry.




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