This website came about while doing research to learn about Kosovo and found nothing but negative press. It was while trying to get news on the election which shocked me most and how the rest of the world covered the election. Particularly the BBC.

Al Jazeera TV was the only English speaking television station I could find that was covering it. Not a single mention on BBC News at all, until a few days after the election when the result had been decided. What came on the BBC main news a day after that, shocked me, as it was obviously, blatant propaganda, as I  had reading  every news article about Kosovo, printed or on the web in English, from all around the world, in the weeks leading up to the election. So this was so clear to me and now the rest of the world should know.

The news report went on longer than the normal news story, it went on and on slamming Hashim Thaci and bring up old news stories and  documentaries, showing him in a bad light. There was no mention of the election and no mention that he had just won the election. The BBC were in no way being  impartial with this story which was not news, but old stories from years ago, which had not been proven. Deliberate propaganda to de-stabalise the government in Kosovo. The story coming from Dick Marty, who has his own hidden agenda in bringing down the government in Kosovo, whoever was in power. It didn’t matter who had won the election; he probably had a negative story for all of them. This story was printed in the Guardian Newspaper the next day and from there, went around the world.

So much so, that English speaking countries who do not know how this story came about, or what has really going on, by only read this negative press. Enough is enough and it is time to fight back.

For English speaking outsiders who do not know what is going on in Kosovo and a reminder what the people of Kosovo, have been through and still going through to get recognised by the rest of the world.

Countries who do not recognise Kosovo and want to be admitted to the EU should not be allowed to join, as they condone ethnic cleansing and if a country can do that, they should never be allowed to join the EU.


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