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US Backed Terrorists Mortar Attack a Church School in Old Damascus

by Janice Kortkamp

US backed terrorists targeted a civilian area in Damascus today, hitting a Church School in Old Damascus.

Terrorist attack in Old Damascus today. A local friend told me four people were killed in this civilian area when US/allies’ backed terrorists launched several mortars.

Was awakened from a midday nap by a large, close explosion followed by a smaller one.

Went outside of the hotel later and saw a local priest and asked him about the attack. He took me to a church school near my hotel and we met the nuns and some of the students there. They showed me where the mortar landed on the roof of the school. Another hit a roof on the next building over.

Thankful no one was injured by those two bombs but so sad to hear later of the four casualties not too far from here.

Nothing to see here folks…except what the US calls bringing “freedom and democracy” to Syria.

Describing the size of the mortar



2 thoughts on “US Backed Terrorists Mortar Attack a Church School in Old Damascus

  1. Old Sham, particularly Bab Tuma is a kind of gateway to the Christian region of the city and beyond. In the very early days of the war I heard on the BBC that a bomb had gone off at Bab Tuma and it was accusing the govt of doing it. That was the first report, which was steeped in propaganda, that I knew to be 100% false. Before that I could only make educated guesses as to the legitimacy of the crap I was hearing. The Christian part of Sham is 100% behind the Syrian govt and that is why the west is attacking them.
    The picture reflects that of Iraq where the majority of Christians supported the Ba’ath part and were consequently ignored by the western media and the western Christian church.

    Posted by Willow Bell | October 20, 2017, 7:40 pm

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