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Vetëvendosje Agron Kabashi physically attacked activist

Self-Determination: Agron Kabashi physically attacked activist

Last night, around 23:35, unknown persons attacked activist Agron Kabashi, who had accompanied the vehicle Organizing Secretary, Dardan Molliqaj, says the announcement of Vetëvendosje, transmits Koha.net.

According to the report, the incident occurred in “Muharrem Fejza Road”, the Dardan molliqaj apartment, where Kabashi activist had left Molliqaj and was returning to the car. He says the announcement is hit with metal rods, thus causing him bodily injuries and now lies in the Emergency Center QKUK’së. Also, these people have Kabashi activist threatened and told not to accompany me never Molliqaj. This, according to the notice, indicating that the attack was politically motivated and is an attack on the organizational secretary of the Lëvizjes Vetëvendosjes party.

Police are investigating the case.

Agron’s health condition is good.



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