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“Limak” block his American plane (VIDEO)

Now five months American John Chesnut is not allowed by representatives of the Pristina International Airport to enter the hangar, in which he has set his plane with permission of the Kosovo Police. “Limak” u it requires 5,600 euros per month rent

John Chesnut, an American who offered his plane training Kosovo, brought it to the property of the Kosovo Police, who gave the key to the barn to put it near Pristina International Airport (PIA), for several months is They are hampered by representatives of the Turkish company “Limak” to use the plane.

They do not allow to enter the hangar, where the z plane. Chesnut now five months. “Limak” it wants the American Rental 5624 euros per month for use of the barn, which has a table with a sign of the Kosovo Police.

“On 22.08.2016, he was given the key to the hangar by the Kosovo Police. I still have the key, but “Limak” does not allow me to enter now five months, nor to control my plane, “he told the newspaper” Zeri “z. Chesnut.

He has more time to roam around the office of top state officials, but no one answers, while “Limak” continues to send monthly bills for this property, insisting that it is their property. On the other hand, the American Chesnut ignored by government officials, namely the Ministry of Interior which provides no answer.

“Limak” requires 28 thousand euro

“The main problem is already five months that I was not allowed to inspect my plane, which in a way can be harmed by staying there without supervision.

They are looking to pay rent 5624euro month and I think it is unfortunate, as I said to them through an e-mail that this is unfortunate, because that building is owned and controlled Ministry of Internal Affairs. I have been handed the keys to the facility by the Director of the Kosovo Police and his deputy here at the airport on 22 August 2016, “he told” Voice “Chesnut.

He writes that until five months flew by plane until suddenly the “Limak” have started to receive invoices for rent.

“Company” Limak “is refusing to allow me to have access to and they told me that they now have to pay much more than the 28 thousand euro if I want to take the plane, which is not worth as much. It’s an old plane ‘1961 Piper Cherokee “is a training plane. This is unfair, “he said.

Meanwhile, officials of “Limak” Regulation insist that this property under their management. “We like the ‘Limak Kosovo International Airport JSC’ are obliged to adhere to the conditions and the price list for the services provided, as defined in the Agreement on Public-Private Partnership. Under this agreement, all tariffs are applied equally to all users of the airport without any exception. Exceptions in the PPP Agreement has no regard to nationality users Airport. In connection with questions inform you that any user Airport is obliged to pay for services provided by ‘Limak Kosovo International Airport JSC’, based on the fees stipulated in the Public-Private Partnership. Since we pay the concession fee from our income, the Republic of Kosovo is also the main partner in such income. However, due to open z obligations. John Chesnut to our company, he was prevented from entering the area controlled by the performance of his duties by, “reads the official press responses to ANP, UNIDO Krasniqi.

 Krasniqi: The barn is the Kosovo Police

Agim Krasniqi, former Director for Capital Investments, 1986-87 shows that in today’s property where police hangar was purchased from social enterprise to shoulder then. “I’ve been part of this process when buying property for Police, paid 1.2 million marks at the time and it is now owned by the Kosovo Police,” says the newspaper “Zeri” the former official Krasniqi. He says he also possesses documentation Kosovo police with all information about the property.

Officials of the Ministry of Interior did not respond to questions from the newspaper “Zeri” that which is the truth about this property. While the documents obtained by the newspaper, the constant communication of z. Chesnut with various officials ignored seen that’s been done for a very long time. “I expressed my desire to bring the plane here, because I became a pilot a few years ago and wanted to create opportunities for students of Kosovo to become pilots and mechanics of aviation, because the other manufacturers of large aircraft ‘Air Airline’ have said repeatedly over the past 3 or 4 years recently that the aviation industry needs pilots and mechanics 600,000 others in the next 10 years, “says Chesnut. He has left the door open to search without explanation of why being obstructed. While no one has offered no answer but is constantly neglected. “My daughter at the time that we have been dealing with the dispute with the company” Limak “became not only a pilot, when she was only 17 years old, but now that he is 20 years old has become flight instructor, certified in one of the schools the most popular flying to Arizona, where prepared materials used by European schools in all countries, CAE Oxford, and this could and should have happened here three years ago, but I do not know why this is being hampered by management ‘Limak’ Regulation. I and my daughter are forced to do training in Skopje, we can go in Skopje at any time and on any day, to fly there without any problem, to conduct training without any problem, “says Chesnut.

Chesnut not delivered, wants answers from the Government of Kosovo

“We thought to provide a service really necessary for your country, I’m saying, allowed me to park my plane there only temporarily until the police get helicopters that would like to have (to park there ), let’s do some training to build experience between me and the other pilots, let us offer the opportunity Police if any natural disaster, such as flood “, says Chesnut with more desperation. He announces that he will continue to appeal and he expects by the Government to do something.




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