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Arrested former director of prisons, accused of “passive corruption”

Artur Zoto, former director resigned Prison was arrested by order of the Court of Serious Crimes, under investigation for abuse of tenders foods.

Former head of the General Prisons, Artur Zoto.  Photo: LSA

Former head of the General Prisons, Artur Zoto. Photo: LSA

Former Director General of Prisons, Artur Zoto was arrested Tuesday by order of the Serious Crimes Prosecution after allegedly committed the offense of passive corruption. Before the arrest, prosecution received the approval of the Serious Crimes Court, which ruled the measure “detention in prison” to commit.

According to a report by the Prosecution, Zoto was arrested as part of an investigation launched earlier on tenders of buying food in prisons, which cost the deputy his handcuffs, Iljaz Labi.

Labi was arrested on July 11, 2016 together with the managers of four companies, which according to the prosecution made arrangements to conduct competitions in tenders fictitious food supply, carried out by the General Directorate of Prisons.

The prosecution failed to disclose that the administrators of the companies “Dogel”, “Woodlands”, “MBKurti” and “Nelsa” meet each other and agree to participate in the tender, exchanging information and compiling documents to participate in procurement, so such that the gain of one of them.

Also according to the Prosecutor, Deputy Director General of Prisons, Iljaz Labi had contacts, he has held meetings and demanded bribes from two administrators, at least for one tender. According to the Prosecution, bribes paid capturing the value of 2 million lek.

Artur Zoto was appointed to head the Directorate General of Prisons in 2013 and remained in office until July 2016. Zoto resigned four days after the arrest of Iljaz Labit, with the motivation of “the impossibility of performing due to personal reasons and family “.




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