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State Gives Company that Sold Expired Meat a Grant for One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Euros

State gives EUR 150 company that sold expired meat (document)

Author: Newspaper Word


Meat factory Vice Kosovo, Ramiz Kelmendi, in which 6 were found on our meat demand, has received 150 thousand euro grant from the state budget.

The money is intended to fund the project for the purchase of new equipment for meat processing.

Newspapers Word has provided a complete list of seven Kosovar companies that together have received over 1 million grant from the Ministry of Agriculture for development projects.

Most it has won the company “Ada Group”, which leads the list for the value of the project. In the project “Investment in physical assets in the processing and marketing of agricultural products”, the company of 400 thousand euros as is the total project has benefited 200 thousand euro grant and the rest of the company’s own financing.

The second is the company “Shampion” project “Enhancing competitiveness and meat processing facilities.” 975 of 397 thousand euros as the total value of the project, 197 thousand and 487 euros are financed by the company and the rest by the ministry.

Project “Increasing the capacity meat processing facility with a new building with modern equipment, increase employment and renewable energy” in the amount of EUR 84 393 thousand won “Eco Product” from Gjilan. EUR 200 thousand of them are financed by the company.

Meanwhile, the company “checkpoint” Istok has received a grant of 387 thousand and 200 euros in the project entitled “Modernization of slaughterhouse capacity and environmental impact.” Miujë 200 of them are financed by the company euro. In the project “Expansion of the processing facility and increasing competitiveness of new product development” has emerged winner company “appetite” by Vushtria.

The total value of the project is 331 thousand euro. While 361 thousand 202 euros is the value of the project “Investment in pëprunimin meat lines, investment in electricity from renewable sources and waste management”, which has won the company “Buquku” load of Peja.

Meanwhile, the company “Elkos” won the project “Investment in equipment for processing of meat” in the amount of 298 thousand 600 euro, 150 thousand euro from the grant of the ministry is to be paid from the state budget. / Journal Word /





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