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Kosovo, the new seat of ISIS. Feeds recruits in Syria and Iraq wars

Albanian jihadists fighting in Syria

Albanian jihadists fighting in Syria

US Institute of Peace has published a special report on the dynamics of radicalisation and violent extremism in Kosovo.

The report raised the alarm that Kosovo, a country with no previous history of religious militancy, has become the main source of foreign fighters in Iraq and Syria, in relation to the population.

According to official data of May 2016 at least 314 Kosovo have been identified that have traveled to Syria and Iraq since 2012, to be part of military formations in those countries.

Another important clue is that 3 in 4 people who have traveled to Syria and Iraq are in the age group 17-30 years and above all, most of them have completed at least high school.

US Institute of Peace marks the towns they come from mostly fighters.Thus, 83 recruits from 5 cities: Hani i Elezit, Kaçanik, Mitrovica, Gjilan and Viti.

Speaking about the motives that push citizens of Kosovo to be more easily laid to rest radicalism, US Institute of Peace listed as the main fact that despite the improvement of living conditions after the war, sensitivities chronic contributed to creating an environment that affects radicalism .

Another factor is and disappointed expectations, the growing role of Islam in politics as an essential part of the identity of some social circles and dynamics of militant groups.

In conclusion, the report recommends a series of measures taken immediately, starting from the end of the informal institutions to the cult of greater commitment to rehabilitate the 5 municipalities that have been identified as problematic.

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