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War Crimes

Albanians that have been brainwashed to fight for Islam


That’s how albanians were killed and fight in the name of Islam in Syria and Iraq.
The war against terrorism is placed in the centre of the work of the legitimate institutions in Albania, declared that by senior officials, and even during the visit, stressing that performed today in tirana, the chief of the central intelligence agency (CIA) John Brennan.
Albania has prosecute persons who have returned from Syria, a country at war between the dictatorial regime Bashar Al-Assad and rebels.
But what’s the number of albanians who have taken part in the war in Syria and Iraq?
Learning express that are 135 Albanians who are engaged in those wars until the year 2015, while 64 Albanians are still in front of the war in these countries. Meanwhile, in spite of all the scary figures, during 2015-2016 any albanian hasn’t left their homes for joining the wars in Syria.
During these fights being held in the name of Islam and the albanians as jihadists unite, so holy war in the name of Allah, have lost their lives 28 Albanians, sources said to express.
135 albanians have taken part in the war on Syria and Iraq
76 of them have been active in the struggle
24 were women, and
35 kids
64 Albanians are at war
20 of them have been active in fighting
17 of them are women, and
27 kids
48 albanians have returned from fighting in Syria and in Iraq
33 of them have been active in combat
7 of them women, and 8 kids
In Albania are recorded some cauldron where rekturohen people to fight for Jihad. Justice organs have condemned one of the largest groups to recruit the albanians and submitting them to Syria to fight terrorist groupings for ISIS and al nusra jihadists, where 9 of the accused were sentenced to 126 years in prison, between them. Self-proclaimed Imams.
In many countries of world terrorism fight from chain of cooperation in a variety of factors, religious and social and institutional, such as police, schools, religious communities, and others. The hardest part, especially for the albanians, returned from the war front, it’s their reintegration into society./ the newspaper express



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