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An example to be followed in Pristina: Where used drugs, will become art (Video)

The space which previously used as a place where different take narcotic substances – mainly by young people, on the initiative of some young people from Prishtina is becoming the centre where different people can show their talent.

Functionality of the facility, which is located near the capital of DH “Termokos”, although it is challenging is going very well.

“Termokiss” is the page which is disclosed which work is being done for the functioning of the facility.

Despite numerous challenges, will also longed for by without this place thriving with various activities, he has collected these stood aside to continue the work.

“Still, as many-headed idea, dur ‘com’ of People with workers have been, more efficient qaq have even faster with our goal of being the best. Join a ‘Termokiss’s. Ps weekly meetings held “every Wednesday from 19:00” Hyde “, it was written notice to the site” Termokiss “. / Telegraph /





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