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Thaci richer than Mustafa see what is the value of its assets (document)

Anti-Corruption Agency has today published the records of regular annual declaration of assets of senior public officials.

According to the report the value of property of the president Hashim Thaci amounts to 697 thousand euro.

157 thousand euro land for house building, 280 thousand euro as home construction, while 7 hectares of agricultural land that are part of the family heritage is valued at 180 thousand euros, and the house, which is also part of the family legacy that costs 80 thousand euro, reports Telegraph.

Read more:  This is prime property Mustafa (document)

On the basis of this report Hashim Thaci annual revenue from the Presidency has 34 thousand 478 euro, while his wife takes from the University Lumnije Rank 18 thousand euro per year.

According to these statistics, the president appears to be more real Thaçi Prime Minister Mustafa whose wealth amounts to 503 thousand euro./Telegrafi/hashim1






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