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Kosovo Police

Government Continue to Arrest the Opposition


21st April

Power not stop persecution of political activists. Last night, after midnight Lulzim blood activist was arrested on the border with the Republic of Albania. It assigned 30 days of detention. Such holdings activists confirm that the existence of activism considered a danger to the existence of power. Persecution of activists, which is getting orders policy is unacceptable for every democratic society. Already, there are over 380 arrests since the signing of agreements harmful in Brussels and Vienna. For a country fair, the prohibition of arrest of activists is urgent step which should make this power that is sliding towards authoritarianism.

It is not normal that a government that kneels before Serbia to continue prosecution of the largest opposition entity. Normal that does not belong to opposition leader Visar Ymer arrested yesterday for the third time, and the point of the night arrested a citizen activist, just because of his political beliefs. We can not accept these police tactics in our political commitment. We demand the prohibition of unfair arrests of activists. We demand the immediate release of Lulzim Gjakës.




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