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Veterans Protest to Minister for Their Pensions

Veterans Minister protesters hold accountable Abrashi

Veterans protesters they had raided the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare Minister Abrashi Arban who is accountable.

They demand accountability for delays in veterans’ pensions and whether they will decrease or no pensions after the request of the IMF to find a solution since he left the budget to cover the amount of 45 million euros needed to cover this scheme pension, KTV reports.

Protesters were initially prevented from entering the premises of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, but a commission of 5 persons have entered the ministry in an attempt to get a response from the Minister Abrashi.

The government has only 25 million euros available for this category and the number of applicants for this pension is 21 thousand.

KTV was reported earlier that the IMF has referred to the deduction of pension and requested the involvement of the President on this issue and to find a solution to the IMF, Washington, went Speaker Kadri Veseli and Avdullahu Hoti, Minister of Finance.
Reason another protest is also the issuance of administrative instruction that will pave the way of application of invalids who until now for various reasons did not receive this pension.




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