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US and EU react Freedom of the press is the foundation of democracy


The United States and European Union have expressed concern about the incident last Tuesday, when the head of the Kosovo Agency for Medicinal Products and Equipment has denied access to free journalist “Koha Ditore”, Saranda Ramaj in this public institution, to convey a meeting also attended by the prime minister, writes Koha Ditore.

A day after the incident, the US Embassy in Pristina stated that freedom of the press is a fundamental requirement of any democratic society.

“We are concerned about reports that a journalist has been denied access to a public meeting. Freedom of the press is a fundamental requirement for all democratic societies, “he told” Koha Ditore “Michelle Schohn, public relations officer of the US Embassy in Pristina.

In defence of press freedom is expressed Dinka Zhival, spokeswoman of the EU Office in Pristina and the EU Special Representative in Kosovo.
(The most widely read today in Koha Ditore).




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