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PriFest Shows the movie Shok (Friends) in Prishtina

shok-659x421In the framework of the International Film Festival in Pristina, PriFest, will also appear the movie “Friends”, the first film from Kosovo who was nominated for the prestigious Oscar award, in the category of short films.

It is known that “Friends” will appear on April 28, starting at 17:00 in “Square 21” in Pristina.

Present at the screening will be the film team.

We remind that the film “Friends” directed by Jamie Donough is based on a true story and is set during the war in Kosovo, when the country was under occupation of Serbia. Here they tested the limits of friendship between two young boys who struggle to survive during the war in Kosovo.

Happy playing in this film Veseli, Andi Baj, Melihate Qena, Aurita Agushi, Eni Cani, Armond Morina, Ashraf Durmishi, Sunaj race, Luan Krsyeziu, Astrit Kabashi, Cevdet Jashari, Kushtrim Sheremeti, Fisnik Ademi, etc. Loyalty carp.

For students and pensioners access to see this film, but also all the other films of the festival is free.



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