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Puppet Isa Mustafa Gets His Orders from the USA

The United States has three clear requirements for the two leaders of the government of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa Kadri Veseli.

Blic from international sources has learned that the Americans have asked the duo government to work intensively for Kosovo to benefit from the US Agency Corporation Challenges of Millennium (Millenium Challenge Corporation – MCC), where months ago our country had passed the threshold for t ‘qualifying for assistance from the agency.

Isa Mustafa proposed names LDK

“A few weeks ago, Prime Minister Isa Mustafa had proposed some names that will deal exclusively with this issue, but that the Americans had refused it because they were considered close to the LDK,” said the source.

Again, according to this source, it is an explicit request to work extremely hard for Kosovo to take this very important project, which project did a great job even former President Atifete Jahjaga.

Radical reform of government

The second requirement, Americans by Blic’s sources reforimi Gazette of the Government. According to these sources, Isa Mustafa Kadri Veseli was requested radical change of Cabinet.

“Due to the collapse of credibility of the cabinet, the Americans have demanded changes in government. It argued their request to him to have a resumption of the government, not only made cosmetic changes, “said this source.

Despite this requirement, the media reported that there will be only three shifts in the government cabinet, ie only filling vacancies that left Hashim Thaçi, with his head over the Presidency.

No elections this year

And the third demand, that more can be taken as a guarantee for the coalition of PDK and LDK Americans, has to do with the fact that there will be new elections.

“Americans have guaranteed ruling duo, there will be elections this year,” said the source.

Again, according to these sources, the option for mentioning elections late next year, when there will be elections.

Against election despite opposition demands, said the US Ambassador in Kosovo, Delawie.




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