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AAK calls for protests, Vetevendosje ‘invited’

AAK has announced that the next protest will be held on May 14, but leading opposition party is unaware.

“This decision has been made after discussions with all of AAK’s forums and an undaunted determination to continue opposing the state capture,” the party writes on its official Facebook page.

According to AAK, this party will consult other opposition parties, civil society and other interested groups in order for the protest to be as powerful as possible.

However, other opposition parties claim to have been caught unaware. Frashër Krasniqi a spokesperson for Vetëvendosje (LVV) said that they were not notified beforehand regarding the date of the protest, announced by AAK. According to him, the parties did not discuss the new date for the opposition protest.

“Kosovo needs protests and they will inevitably happen. Nevertheless, protests have to be well-organized and held at proper times. Uncoordinated actions jeopardize and weaken the opposition’s endeavor and can result in poorly organized protests and not powerful, massive ones,” Krasniqi wrote on Facebook.

Concerning Vetevendosje’s response, AAK deputy Pal Lekaj said that Vetëvendosje can make decisions within their own political structures, but not within AAK.

“We have scheduled the protest as a political party, as opposition and we invite LVV, the Initiative for Kosovo (NISMA), the civil society and every citizen that is dissatisfied with the current governance,” declared Lekaj.

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