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The Hypocrisy of the USA

President Jahjaga was summonsed to the White House.


President Jahjaga was summonsed to the White House an told of the urgent need for political dialogue between the political parties in Kosovo.

The Vice President Biden met yesterday with President Jahjaga and President Jahjaga agreed on the urgent need for all Kosovo’s political parties to embrace peaceful dialogue and work within Kosovo’s democratically-elected assembly to advance reforms to address the needs of Kosovo’s citizens.

The elections were far from being democratic, when the opposition had the numbers to form government, but Jahjaga illegally changed the constitution to prevent this from happening.

A deal was made for the corrupt Isa Mustafa to join with Thaci to form government, so far we can only just imagine how much he was bribed for that to happen. We do know however that a deal was made, that he would become Prime Minister if his LDK party voted for Thaci to be President and this is far from being democratic.

The citizens of Kosovo are calling for these criminals to stand down and fresh ‘Democratic’ elections. This Saturday the 26th March will see fresh demonstrations for the corrupt government to stand down.

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