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Not Enough Guards to Take Convicted Terrorists to Court

It continues hearings on the case "Badovci"

The court session on the case “Badovci”, is expected to continue today, where the accused are Besnik Latifi, Gazmend Haliti, Milazim Haxhiaj, Musa and Enis Fehmi Latifi. They are suspected of going to  Lake Badovci to record a propaganda video and read the oath to the leader of ISIS.

Session scheduled to be held on March 16, was not held because of the Kosovo Correctional Service had informed the Court that the Transportation Unit in Lipljan due to lack of guards could not be brought to the accused in court.

According to them, the accused persons are considered as dangerous to not have a sufficient number of guards.

The indictment charges that the five accused in July of last year went to the lake Badovci, near Pristina in order to record a propaganda video in which planned to read the oath to the leader of the terrorist organisation “Islamic State”.

According to the prosecution, the group has been that this video to publish on the Internet in order to prove to the world the extent of the so-called “Islamic State” in Kosovo.

In past sessions of five defendants defence has rejected the indictment against their clients, but the court immediately dismissed the claims of advocates.




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