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Kosovo Police

Isa Mustafa Threatens to Arrest Journalists and deports Albanians, following in Erdogan’s Footsteps

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Detained activist Arber Zaimi, arrested because he is a citizen of the republic of Albania
Kosovo police just arrested another member of VETËVENDOSJE!- S, Arber Zaimi, only because he has dual citizenship in the republic of Albania.

It looks as if the government of Kosovo is determined to remove from Kosovo each citizen of the republic of Albania and as committed to facilitate a different, legal and illegal to Serbia. Isa Mustafa on one side opened the Kosovo economically and politically against our foe centuries, Serbia, and on the other side for more subversive tendencies are feature to the republic of Albania.

This totally fits with the policies of the prime minister to return Kosovo within the influence of Serbia.

This government to the opposition, threatens arrest journalists, deports from Kosovo, citizens of the republic of Albania, it is unacceptable for the citizens of our republic. On March 26th, will testify massively our willing to exchange these policies that are destroying the freedom and democracy in Kosovo.

We call on the Albanian state to become involved in these scandals and influence the government of Kosovo should not undertake actions such undemocratic and absurd.




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