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Corruption, Kosovo Police

The Regime Starts the Raids on Homes of Opposition Activists

Today at about 01:00 members of the Kosovo police have raided the house of self-determination activist movement!, Leotrim Bayrami and terrorised his family.

Later, at around 06:00 the Police returned and  are raided in the same family.

Repressive measures of fascist regime, know no boundaries. If they raid the houses and offices, to try and  break the opposition, night and day.

Police without uniform are arresting the activists are terrorise citizens. Exponents of government power, without evidence, are providing incriminating verdicts to activists and citizens who later proved to be innocent. They were deported out of Kosovo, without trial and without the opportunity to defend the opposition leaders. Opposition activists are tortured in prisons.

The professional propaganda of the opposition is slander, and are campaigning for the admissibility of the fascist regime measures Mustafa-Thaçi-Veseli.

All these facts are unacceptable. We urge the citizens of Kosovo to fight with every tool and deter this regime that governs Kosovo with the spirit fascist methods. It is time to leave behind the political differences and unite to overthrow the rule of crime and brutality. Only together we can win the fight for democracy and for state fair, where no one could be persecuted because of their commitment and political beliefs, whatever they may be.

The citizens of Brazil have taken to the streets in the last few days to demonstrate against a corrupt Minister being given a position that would prevent him being charged with corruption. Much the same as what is happening in Kosovo, with the US protecting the corrupt government here. Corrupt politicians should pay for their crimes. EULEX is supposed to be creating rule of law and this is proof that they are doing nothing in Kosovo but lining their own pockets. How can EULEX let this corrupt government continue to get away with this.


Demonstration in Brazil Against Corrupt Minister



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