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Corruption, Crime

Police Arresting Opposition on a Daily Basis

Civilian Police, arrested Boiken Abbazi without warrant.

Today, around 13:30, three civilian police have arrested the secretary of the foreign relations of Lëvizjes VETËVENDOSJE!, Boiken Abbazi.
Abazi was arrested in a bar, next door to the Vetëvendosje offices. His arrest was made by men in plain clothes, without showing a warrant or any orders, even though the official Boihken Abazi had requested to see papers from the cops.
These arrests which was likened to a  kidnapping, was part of a coordinated campaign of power to sow terror and fear in people, especially to the supporters of the movement,Vetëvendosje!, and to stop the activities of Kosovo’s largest opposition.

The police are being used as a tool of the regime. The cops are implementing unfair orders and today they are no longer servants of the law, but servants of the force.

As long as the criminals are in power, they will fill the jails with the innocent, but we are more than their prisons, our ideal is stronger than their multiplying.

Looking for freedom activists, we demand the removal of this dictatorial government that is anti-Albanian.




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