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These are the Names of 33 People Accused of ‘Organised crime’


Special Prosecutor of the Republic of Kosovo has filed charges against 33 persons for the criminal offence ” organised crime ”, where among the accused senior officials of the Kosovo Privatisation Agency, judge of the Municipal Court of Pristina, businessmen, and municipal officials.

Parrotlla.net portal has provided the document in which they listed 33 names:

Mehmet Prishtina (businessman), Dukagjin emerllahu (businessman), Naxharije Hoti (former judge of the Municipal Court of Pristina), officials of the Kosovo Privatization Agency, Bahrije Uka, Gani Ademi and Reshat Fetahu, Visar Vehapi, Avni Maxhunaj, Shqipe Maxhunaj, Arton Vila, B.ZH, Dalip Brahimi, Jeton Govori Jabir Kajtazi, Isak Ademi, Albion Mulaku (son of the mayor of Vushtrri), Release Zeka, Agim Jerlija Gezim Rama, Beka Basri, Enver Bajrami, Gani path, Fehmi path, Bislim Bajrami, BG, Saip Krasniqi, Mirsad Jetullah, Ilir Krasniqi, Necmi Hajdari, Ramiz Veli Sahiti Skender, Valmir Abazi and Fatos Bajraktari.

This group of “organized crime” is charged with the offense of organized crime, money laundering, illegal extraction of judicial decisions, abuse of office, forgery of documents and extortion.

Their indictment filed against EULEX prosecutor of the SPRK, Danilo Ceccarelli./parrotlla.net/




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