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Arrested for Raising a Flag

The Corrupt Government are finding any excuse to arrest the opposition and the latest being arrested for raising a flag. The following statement was put out by Vetëvendosje today.


Today, the media learned that the activist of VETËVENDOSJE !, Zyba Salih, was indicted for his participation in the action for the establishment of the Albanian national flag at the entrance of Pristina.

Zyba is exemplary activist Salih. He is a freedom fighter, a participant in three wars of liberation, Kosovo, and Macedonia Valley. In addition, he is an exemplary official of the Municipality of Prishtina. Through his self-sacrificing devotion, Zyba as leader Salih inspection sector it has been one of the most important for the maintenance of urban degradation, and to stop the construction mafia.

Because of its activities uninterrupted, Salih Zyba has created enmity in two groups. The first group is the people who are part of the anti-Albanian in Kosovo. The second group is that of people who have interests in construction mafia and urban degradation in Pristina. Both these groups have common interests, and politically control the judiciary and police in Kosovo.

Zybës Salih activity will not stop one of these trials ordered politically. Patriotic activity of the Albanians in Kosovo has resisted major storms, and to resist the violence of despair, which commands the current government, ignorant and corrupt.

We demand the immediate release of Salih Zybës. Raising the national flag is not a crime.Stopping the construction mafia is not a crime.

March 4, 2016




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