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They Don’t Allow Our Books So We Don’t Accept Their Products


Do not allow our books, we don’t accept their products.
Today, an activist movement of self-determination! The overturned truck with products that are sold in Serbia and kosovo. This action is a response to the criminal act of the republic of Serbia, which yesterday turned after more than 103.000 books, corrected, leaving without school Albanian students of the valley, Medvedja Bujanocit.
16 years after the war, the author of the massacres and demolitions in the republic of Kosovo, Serbia, controls and uses the kosovo economically with its products, without him. At the same time, the republic of Serbia follows through to shantazhojë serbian minority in Kosovo, seeking to build a state within the state with the project “Zajednicës”.
The shares of the republic of Serbia, do not find the reciprocal response from the republic of Kosovo, corrupt leadership of which has led to kosovo in humility. Not only that he can’t the government of Kosovo to establish reciprocity trade regime with Serbia, checking its limits, but he can’t even take care of the kids in Serbia, Albanian, whom hasn’t arrived to you nor provide textbooks, and Why has negotiated, and continues to negotiate with the government of Serbia for years.
For these reasons, the activists of movement self-determination! Will continue the shares such until the republic of Serbia to accept reciprocity with the republic of Kosovo. Inequality and submission are unacceptable. They do not allow our books, we are not going to accept their products.




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