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Democratic National Front seeks protests and the resignation of the prime minister and the new president!

Democratic National Front sees three ways to overcome the political situation in the country which has been introduced. In a statement released to the media, the National Front Democratic demands resignation of Isa Mustafa and Hashim Thaci, interruption of the dialogue with Serbia and the creation of a technical government until new elections as the solution to exit the political situation, reports newspaper Blic.

Next find full press release issued to the media:


Democratic National BALLI


Chairmanship of the Organization National Front Democratic Republic of Kosovo appreciates the rejectionist position of all citizens to political actuality, institutional violence and vocabulary unsuitable are using parliamentary parties in relation to the duty and obligations to society, a phenomenon these which are severely damage the economic and political interest of citizens.

Political crisis faced by the state, society and economy is a result of a disparaging attitude, binding and conditional executive power to the holders of voting representative in the Kosovo Parliament.At the same time, the deepening crisis has greatly contributed to the political orientation and strategy wrong action by the parliamentary opposition.

Presidency of the Democratic National Front Organization in the Republic of Kosovo determines that it is completely impossible thread cooperation and dialogue with the signatories and supporters form political Marrëvshjeve Brussels. These two agreements have seriously violated the territorial integrity, state sovereignty of the Republic of Kosovo and the Albanian national interest.Consequently, the National Democratic Front supports and considers inevitable ongoing peaceful protests of all citizens against the Brussels Agreement, which should inter alia be crowned with the irrevocable resignation of Isa Mustafa and Hashim Thaci.

Our demand and expectation for constructive dialogue can not be achieved with those political forces that constantly have seriously violated state sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Kosovo. Pushtetmarrjes interests at any cost and by any means possible are foreign to us. Democracy is no alternative, the borders between Albanians no single value and solving problems we face is achieved through:

  • the irrevocable resignation of Isa Mustafa and Hashim Thaci

  • abrupt discontinuation of dialogue with Serbia

  • forming a government technical experts for a period of 12 months

    source in Albanian



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