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Just Days After Thaci is made President – Police Raid Prishtina Municipality


Prishtina Municipality is ruled by the Opposition to the corrupt government and are doing all they can to fight corruption. In fact they are the only ones that are fighting corruption. Mayor Shpend Ahmeti was actually voted in by the citizens of Prishtina, unlike the corrupt government and now the President, who gained their positions through corrupt deals.

Today the Police raided the Municipality without authorisation of the Mayor and arrested Municipality members. They have arrested Zybën Salih, Head of the Inspection Sector and two members of the Security were also arrested for asking the Police for authorisation to enter the Municipality, they are Ditar Canolli and Kushtrim Halilaj.

The country is becoming a police state and it is looking like the corrupt un-elected government are planning on arresting all the opposition and in doing so making sure that the corruption will never end.

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