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US Support for Corrupt Leaders is Turning Kosovo Against the US

US State Department: Ambassador expressed attitudes Delawie US

US State Department: Ambassador expressed attitudes Delawie US

US State Department commented US Ambassador Delawie attacks by opposition politicians and recently even online petition against him, in which I write mostly militants Vetevendosje.

The correspondent for RTK in Washington, calling in a reaction the US Department of State (DOS), has said that the ambassador Delawie is not only an individual, but he represents the interests and policies of the United States in Kosovo.
” Kosovo is unhappy with criticism of Western ambassadors regarding the means that were used by deputies of the opposition to thwart the progress of the Assembly sessions, especially with the loud statements of US Ambassador Greg Delawie.

Mr statements. Delawie are those of American diplomacy from Washington, the State Department are and the White House. Attitudes that are told in late November in Pristina even American diplomat, Secretary of State, John Kerry. And ‘abomination’ said Ambassador Delawie yesterday said more than once in the offices of the State Department in Foggy Bottom.

This ‘disgust’ is translated into inhibition of entry into the US for a year to all members of the Assembly of Kosovo were identified as violent, “confirmed RTK correspondent, Sulejman Gashi.

Days ago it was reported that the leader of AAK, Ramush Haradinaj, was introduced in Visa-Ban, which had prevented the US from going to the Prayer Breakfast.

According to the correspondent of the RTK, US ambassadors appointed by the President and the ambassador could be a career official from the Foreign Service or a political appointee.”Ambassador Delawie is a career officer with over 30 years in the foreign service and the statements given not only by individual assessments,” he said.

Having submitted to the State Department position US RTK correspondent said that the request for the change of an ambassador is a serious diplomatic gesture, whether it comes from the opposition or “independent analysts” and could cost many Kosovo and its relations with the United States.

US Ambassador in Pristina said that “the violent protests of the opposition and undermine the very future of Kosovo, reminding Kosovars that” 17, 18 years ago, thousands of Kosovo citizens have died for freedom and independence. ”
One thing that is not the US ambassador, which according RTK correspondent, certainly had in mind is that 17 years ago, the United States, with its military intervention led by NATO’s attacks were decisive in the liberation of Kosovo. Precisely this fact, according to him, the United States and US Ambassador entitle him to “intervene” in the current political and state-building in Kosovo.

“The stability of Kosovo is in the interest of the US, and instability undermines US security and interests. And this is why the United States wants to preserve the independence and sovereignty, their investment greater political, military, financial and diplomatic in the last half century in the Balkans, “he said.



Editors comments:

The only thing the protests undermines, is the US eagerness to get Serbia into the EU at all costs. The Cold war never ended and Albanians are suffering at the hands of the US.




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