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US Ambassador Greg Delawie Defending the Corrupt Government and Insulting Kosovars


When the US Ambassador Greg Delawie speaks out against the opposition who are protesting on behalf of the citizens of Kosovo, he insults everyone. There are now petitions for the US Ambassador to be removed.

Everybody knows how corrupt Thaci and Mustafa are and the citizens of Prishtina know this more than most after having Isa Mustafa as Mayor for so many years. His legacy of corruption and nepotism still remains for all to see. Just walking through Prishtina with a local, buildings will be pointed out as illegal, others are more obviously illegal as they are obviously unsafe. Most residents will tell you which businesses are money laundering. Everyone knows what is going on and nobody is doing anything about it.

Greg Delawie speaks about the Opposition as if they are a handful of activists, but the Opposition is acting on behalf of the people as it was made clear when 100,000 took to the streets to demonstrate and 200,000 signed the petition which seemed to have evaporated.

How can we forget how the last Ambassador Jacobson interviewed all leaders except for Albin Kurti and  President Jahjaga illegally appointing three constitutional judges, the Kosovo president breached the constitution. If the EU delegation supported the president’s decision, it gave her bad advice, but it was the only way they were going to stop the coalition.

Prior to this was Ambassador Dell who himself, made Atifete Jahjago President in such a way that she is known as the President that came out of an envelope. Ambassador Dell himself was corrupt, when he lobbied for the Bechtel Corporation to get the contract for the motorway during his tenure and then became CEO of the company when he left.

The corruption just keeps going on and on, so it is no surprise that Hashim Thaci, Isa Mustafa, Behgjet Pacolli and Atifete Jahjago all spoke out on behalf of the American Ambassador today.

The citizens of Kosovo are not stupid and they have had enough of all the corruption, nepotism and money laundering and they are sick of the US protecting these people for their own agenda.






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