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Protests Against Corrupt ex Prime Minister Hashim Thaci Becoming President

Around 1500 citizens and protesters gathered at the entrance to the Parliament, in support of the opposition MPS, objecting to Hashim Thaci becoming President.

A deal was done between Hashim Thaci and Isa Mustafa after the last elections when Mustafa left the coalition to join Thaci to form a government. Even though the coalition had the numbers to form government, the American Ambassador and President illegally changed the constitution to stop the coalition ruling.

It is not known how much Isa Mustafa was paid to leave the coalition and join Thaci, but he did make a deal that he wanted to be Prime Minister and in return of the favour he would instruct his party to vote for Thaci to become President.

Hashim Thaci, the most hated man in Kosovo, due to corruption and nepotism. Since becoming Prime Minister Thaci and his brothers have benefited from government contracts and vast amounts of money both in and outside of Kosovo.

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