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‘Russia and China to Liberate Balkans from Unipolar Influence’

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A follow-up of the interview, given by the American political analyst Andrew Korybko to the Macedonian agency NetPress. He speaks about the wider geopolitical context of the Macedonian turmoil – refugee crisis in Europe, Balkan pipelines projects, Russia-China alliance to counter hegemonic world order and calls to build resistance networks. The first part of the exclusive English source of the interview is available here.


Q: The subordinate attitude that the European Union has in relation to the United States has resulted in a serious refugee and migrant crisis afflicting the continent. The agenda of destabilizing, weakening, and demographically changing Europe, implemented primarily by the Soros machinery, is no longer a conspiracy theory but an obvious fact. The terrorist attacks in Paris, as well as the sexual and physical assaults across Germany, don’t seem to be causing serious changes in official Berlin’s policy regarding the continuous reception of huge numbers of migrants and refugees.

Why is it that the leading European leaders in this matter work not only against their national interests, but also against those of Europe in general? And how do you comment on the measures that the Macedonian government has been implementing in this context and the efforts of the Western machinery to stop the decision to protect our border with Greece from illegal entries with a fence?

The first thing that I need to do is refresh our audience with my analysis of the “refugee” crisis. It’s a byproduct of the wars that the US helped engineer all throughout the Mideast, using the so-called “Arab Spring” events to usher in a theater-wide regime change scenario. The brave and patriotic resistance of the Syrian people in fighting back against the terrorists for over five years now was a major impediment in the US’ plans for retaining its unipolar hegemony in the region. Realizing that one of the expected tangential results of its War on Syria would be the massive increase in refugees (both international and internal), the US sought to weaponize this human flow in order to achieve one of the other important grand objectives that it’s had, which is to deepen its control over the EU.

None of this is a ‘conspiracy theory’ either, as I warmly welcome your audience to read to the work from Cornell University’s Kelly M. Greenhill about “Weapons of Mass Migration: Forced Displacement as an Instrument of Coercion” (available for free PDF download here). The author summarized some of the key findings from her 2010 book (available for sale here if anyone was interested) in proving that refugees have been exploited as strategic weapons since at least the end of World War II, documenting at least 56 incidences of this occurring. The way that it relates to the present predicament is that Turkey had already built several refugee-hosting facilities along its border with Syria since before the war even began, obviously expecting some sort of oncoming influx. After ‘incubating’ the two million or so refugees that entered the country over the past couple of years, Turkey, in coordination with the US, ‘set them free’ from their movement-restricted refugee camps and utilized intelligence-affiliated drug and human trafficking networks to bring them to Europe, including the Albanian mafia in the Balkans.

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