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Kosovo Police Prevent the Democratic Right of Peaceful Demonstrations



Kosovo police stops Albanian Kosovars entering Kosovo.
Today at around 11:00 on the border customs of Morina, Kosovo police have arrested the protesters who were coming from Tirana to participate in the February 17th rally in Prishtina

For starters they have checked the bus, where they found the plaques, protest. And then I have three people accompanied by participants to the police.
The other protesters are back with all the bus in the territory of the republic of Albania, and were not allowed entry.
Later Kosovo police have released a document in which the person has revealed dangerous rodonin union, and have banned entry in kosovo. Union Rodoni Director is an artist, the musician.
While another participant, Gent Amzain have arrested and have announced that they will take him into custody in Prizren. Gent Amzai from Struga, is a student of philosophy in Tirana.
Others still have not given any answer as to why the ban.
This action of kosovo police is shy, and policy is aimed at maintaining the notorious distancing from Albania Kosovo.
February 17th 2016



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