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Kosovo with the country code in the first half of March


Kosovo is expected to take 383 telephone code in the first half of March, Minister Edita Tahiri says that this will end the network interference and frequency of the Serbian state.

“Agreement for Telecom made ​​it clear that the frequency limit is placed between the two countries. So far, Serbia has intervened in our network frequency, it intervened with illegal operators as we know they have done in the north. This agreement puts an end to the illegal operators but also puts an end to interference in the frequency band of the Republic of Kosovo. And in this case, Kosovo has the opportunity to realize the digitalization plan, according to international standards is a plan that will be implemented in all countries, especially those in Southeast Europe “, Tahiri told Radio Kosovo.

It has dismissed speculation that the functioning of the Serbian operator in Kosovo violates safety aspects.

“The fact that Kosovo now assumes its Code of international telephony, it will manage itself. And Kosovo is one that will determine the degree of security of mobile telecommunications in either be in the phone fixed, which has been in the past “, said Tahiri.

According to her, they have after the participation of operators from both countries that have talked about the possibilities to reach an agreement for a Roma internationally between operators in Kosovo, Vala and IPKO and operators that operate in Serbia and that there are three operators, Telecom Serbia, Telenor and VIP operator “.

Minister for dialogue Edita Tahiri said to have received assurances from the European Union do not have obstacles by Serbia, as happened when the Serb state created delays on registration of the new company in Kosovo, causing the drag process.

And the decision for authorization of a Serbian mobile operator “MTS” in the north of Mitrovica, is considered harmful from Vetevendosje! and the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo.

According to these two entities of Kosovo Government this decision has violated telecommunications rules and regulations.

They say the government has backed Serbian operator and has defeated two local licensed operators.




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