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Kosovo Army – Prince Charming Look Alikes.


When is he Kosovo army going to get a serious uniform that does not resemble something from and Fancy Dress Shop. It is an embarrassment to Kosovo, seeing soldiers dressed this way.

There are many talented designers in Kosovo, surely someone can come up with something that can make the soldiers, look like soldiers, instead of a uniform that resembles Prince Charming. How can anyone be taken seriously looking this way. The uniforms are ill fitting and made of inferior fabric. It is easy to see that the folds of the jacket that the fabric is far too thin and the cut is very bad.

A good uniform should fit the body and made of a firm fabric, as a badly made uniform will never look good and never look smart. In Britain there was a complaint that only six percent of British military uniforms are actually made in Britain. On the other hand US uniforms have to be made in the USA.

Let the army march with pride, instead of looking like fairytale characters. Here are some examples of what a good uniform should look like.









There is nothing smarter than a well made uniform.




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