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The desire of citizens: The arrest of the corrupt and overthrow of government


Kosovo’s citizens are not upset about the visa liberalization which had been promised by the corrupt leaders of the country throughout 2015. Instead of liberalism, most citizens are concerned about the increasing corruption in the country. And for this they have found medication: The arrest of the corrupt and overthrow the government, which has only words combat this phenomenon or has downplayed it by capturing only some fishes

Thus it emerges from a survey done in Koha.net

Asked Advertise what you enjoy most as happened in 2016: visa liberalization, arrest the corrupt, reduction of unemployment, fall of the Government, or the formation of CAF, 46.1 percent or 8312 of voters said they most often will rejoice if corrupt will be cast into prison.

Of course, thinking that the government is to blame for why not arrested corrupt desire to oust the government in this year showed 27.1 percent of voters in the poll, or 4874 of them.

While the desire for visa liberalization this year showed 2,069 respondents, or 11.5 percent of them. Do not hope to reduce unemployment despite promises imaginary politicians, probably has influenced the reception of the desire to solve this problem is small, only 1,556 or 8.6 percent of respondents said they would like reducing unemployment. Of course, voters solving the problem of unemployment see the arrest of the corrupt and overthrow the government as the first barrier to employment growth.

The formation of the Kosovo Armed Forces is the smallest desire of the respondents in this sondazh.Themelimit CAF will rejoice just 6.7 percent or 1200 voters in the survey.




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