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Croatia buys sophisticated ballistic missiles, to intimidate the worst Serbia!

Croatia buys sophisticated ballistic missiles, to intimidate the worst Serbia!

During an interview N1 television, the editor of the magazine “Defender”, Marko Ćustić talked about Croatia’s plan to purchase ballistic missiles.

“It is a missile system that ballistic missile launches. We are talking about 12 rockets in a armored vehicle, which launched and fly up to 120 kilometers, depending on the model. Their heads are filled, usually carry ammunition pounder and are designed to block enemy space, “he described the missile system which Croatia plans to buy, reports Telegraph.

He explained that there is a large number of fundamental reasons, but the main why Serbia is concerned, as there is an adequate response to such a threat.

In relation to Croatia’s plans about ballistic missile reacted Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, who recently urged countries in the region not to arm because, according to him, in response to this act of Serbia will consider the defense.

He even prayed senior US officials not to sell these weapons Croatia.

“Croatia’s goal is to intimidate Serbia because American interest is that Serbia should know that we need to optimize the West. This is just one of the steps that America is making to pull Serbia towards European integration, “added Ćustić.

Also, to the weapons reacted Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic, who called it “scandal warmongering” declaration of Croatian Defense Minister Ante Kontromanovic, Vucic said that we should not fear.




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