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Military Association of Albania, Kosovo institutions criticism: Release opposition!


President of the National Association of Military Sapper Albania, Alexander Michael, through a letter to the highest leaders of Kosovo institutions has demanded that opposition MPs are released as the first of the arrest and charges.

The letter noted that the opposition arrested are not sold, even by the military, they are patriots who defend the interest of the nation. “They are neither traitors nor sellers to Albanian enemies, but are patriots and staunch defenders of interests, ideals, history and actuality Albanian national. Awareness that Albanians continue to be divided into five states makes us very concerned for the future of Kosovo.

Yesterday was granted and the Court’s decision your Constitutional from which any responsible government would find space to get out of this scheme suffocating for the future of Kosovo and the nation “, said among other things in the letter of the National Association of Military Sapper Albania .

The letter in full:

LETTER OF THE SUPREME protest NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MILITARY sapper ALBANIA AND RESPONSIBLE MANAGEMENT INSTITUTIONS TO THE REPUBLIC OF KOSOVO President of the Republic Mrs.Atifete Jahga, Speaker of Parliament, Mr. Kadri Veseli, Chief of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr..Alexander Lumnezi, Prime Minister of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa, Vice / Prime Minister of Kosovo Hashim Thaci For information:

Mr Ombudsman. Hilmi Jashari, Dear, You have done and are doing wrong with the opposition. Albin Kurti is the most precious MP of Kosovo and the Albanian nation. He Opposition colleagues of his supporters are the real Renaissance Albanian XXI century. He and the others should be released from custody as the charges first.

They are neither traitors nor sellers to Albanian enemies but are patriots and staunch defenders of interests, ideals, history and actuality Albanian national. Awareness that Albanians continue to be divided into 5 countries makes us very concerned for the future of Kosovo. All the Albanian public opinion has followed all these years.

Many believe in your way. But the results compel us let you know that: Dialogue called for normalization of relations with Serbia recently launched since 2010, embodied as a “technical dialogue” in 2011 and the escalation in “political-level dialogue” in 2012 internationally proven that is hurting Kosovo and is providing Serbia unfairly advantage. Yesterday was granted and the Court’s decision your Constitutional from which any responsible government would find space to get out of this scheme suffocating for the future of Kosovo and the nation. Given this greater damage where many of you have been actors directly are staying Kosovo opposition. You are imprison them and persecute the political trials.

We urge you to stop as soon as possible trials stemming from personal and political orders by whom you imprisoned, modern patriots, more consistent Albanian national project, a project which is vital for the existence of Kosovo and protection Albanians in Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro. Stop then show trials, trials that only requests Serbia seed Milosevic, enemies and the division of Kosovo Albanians of the nation they serve and not at strengthening the unity of the people and state of Kosovo. Leading institutions of Republic of Kosovo, shells stun the cast in Parliament is not a crime to imprisonment of MPs. Stun shells contain no element of crime.And therefore can not constitute grounds for violation of the house and the imprisonment of Albin Kurti and colleagues Opposition. And even worse violation, raiding and destroying the offices of “ Movement Vetëvendosje“. Crossing the threshold of houses and the headquarters of a political movement he makes responsible legally, politically in relation not only to the rules of an independent Kosovo but also all Albanian space.

Your orders have been and are, unjust and illegal regarding actions attitudes, tools used and rape made ​​against the MPs and citizens of Kosovo Albanians. Use the Parliament of shells stun you intentionally name the bombs stun, to justify your actions to the opposition as “criminal acts” can not deceive us more no Albanian especially in the military. As Kosovo laws or international conventions not classify acts of opposition as “criminal acts.”Smokescreen stun used in Parliament are not bombs, after bomb named only projectiles to throw jets, of which consequences the elimination of life, but they are shells are activity-switch tools or prohibition of activities. So there are bombs, as I want you to set intentionally. And as a result, their disposal is not a crime, since it would constitute a crime for police forces to use against citizens protesting when developing rules exceed the protests.

We’re professionals follow and note that you are using severe language in terms of qualification means trying to go towards the qualification of “endangering the life” in order to yield long-term sentence of patriots like Albin Kurti of his colleagues.

The problem is political and not at all connected with “weapons” or “gunpoint”. Therefore in this case the culprit is not deputy who threw shashkën in Parliament, but the President of Parliament who after casting shashkës on the first day, was caught in the aftermath and not after the cause that brought consequences, which are the following do and Prime Minister even after the decision of the Constitutional Court where it was proved that has seriously violated the Constitution. For us it is already clear that he and the Government are the cause of consequences.

So you are bound to find way of solution. Not in favor of your posts but in favor of the people of Kosovo. Not going on the same with Serbia but creating unity within Kosovo to find a way out of this trap. We have seen. You are proving us indifference, pride and diminishing the voice of opposition. These brought and repetition of stun shells. We and full of other people obviously are today much more committed to help in the final ban on these agreements, as a result of the actions of the Opposition.

It remains unclear how the political leaders of Kosovo have much more patience and understanding for political characters that marked the tragedy in the Balkans than the Opposition demands patriots proved Albin Kurti. Shake us remind them that Kosovo is the most neuralgic point for our final solution of the national question. This never forget. STEERING AND RESPONSIBLE Kosovo institutions grave situation created in Kosovo in Albania’s military, we have touched a lot. Also we are very distressed by the attitudes and actions of recent days in Kosovo, Parliament Government and police. Attitudes and actions, absurd, excessive regressive. Outside normal reason to stay the action between Albanians and especially among Kosovo Albanians. Actions and attitudes that reduce greatly the reputation and image of Albanians in general in the Balkans and the world. Do we not have thought that to you could supposedly used it violently, and that would be raised it up, stick the gun against another Albanian opposition but only on the enemy that can be raised. Always have believed among you will prevail perhaps even of suffering that have passed under Serbia, only harmony and unity, support to each other, the good cooperation of Kosovo Albanians in the Balkans.

This confidence for the years after 1999 has finally been broken swing these last days. We have to clear all now that opposition and their supporters are right. They do not want partitioned Kosovo do not even want to enter the territory. But if you seek to protect Kosovo and defense of the territory. Well cancellation agreements containing suspicious acts and kidnapping of land fragmentation of Kosovo, who are the last words of the whole nation. Orders and your actions, especially the Minister of Interior and the Chief Prosecutor of the Republic of Kosovo are totally wrong and not serve no order and unity of the people of Kosovo. Orders and absurd actions of the police forces to arrest, rape, destroy to grab what they can, activity equipment or materials, in building political party, Self-Determination, and violence committed against leaders, members and supporters Opposition to mark the day the history of the Albanian nation, on 28 November 2015 is unprecedented and was not forgiven.

We expect that as soon as the deal for the principal political responsibility for enforcement of this order. The events of 28 November in Pristina are anti-national act that took place in states governed by Albanians. Such actions we know. But we have seen demonstrated by the fascist systems. Milosevic you from all of us from the Nazis during the national liberation war in the years 1939-44. They beat him cruelly tortured. The jail’s shot: the young men and women patriots who sought freedom of the people, freedom of the homeland. You position where you are not discern that the same thing if you requires you Albin Kurti and colleagues from the Opposition.

You with these rash actions are put into the thesis that “the enemies of Albanians are Albanians themselves” and not Serbia, which still today with the same method old is trying to take back the territory, even in the XXI century in terms of presence NATO and the EU. So you without depth, have been hard hit ideals of generations to protect and unification of all Albanians. Ideal for which they gave their lives to the tens of thousands of Albanian patriots. You’re proceed to do so persistently.

Dear lawmakers law enforcement, do not find today a member of the European Union and even the majority of them members of NATO to allow 5-6% of the population of various nationalities from the ethnic majority create autonomous mechanisms to pave the way to secession. Even for cases like Scotland or Catalonia are as many more in their right not to break open way. Do you see that the project that is being proposed is too heavy to carry from Kosovo? Our new history knows protectors of international tutors. Violent border division. Regional and international political tactical move. If we were to listen humbly as you, Kosovo’s leaders are doing today, perhaps even the Republic of Albania would not have. Not counted kinds of demands, attempts, conventions, resolutions and treaties that have come into tables Albanians.

The latest in Albania was the demand for marine space, a problem which was neutralised by the Constitutional Court decided in favour of the Albanian military study, but has not yet fully completed. Again, Albania will be required to give the territory. Again, we will not allow. The nation state is not a series of battles series of privileges. The state can not stand without sacrifice.

The sacrifices do not end with the liberation struggle. On the contrary, the strengthening of the state and its protection is a permanent sacrifice. In the military because of their profession best we know this. Therefore we are in positions of Albin Kurti’s ideas that were holding in custody and his colleagues from the opposition.

We have been too often in these conditions. Experience tells us proves that the opposition is right. There is no reason to proceed further. Reflect, opposition protests and the decision of the Constitutional Court gave you your chance to pull.

Having completed our letter, ladies and gentlemen, leaders of the state of Kosovo wanted be displaying some suggestions for overcoming the grave situation in Kosovo and the nation in general: 1- released from custody and charges as soon Albin Kurti and all MPs activists and opposition supporters still held in prisons of home arrest. 2- canceled as it deals with Montenegro for the award of over 8,000 hectares of Kosovo territory including the strategic high points and military, as well as that of Serbia “Community” and the autonomy of the territories where Serbs live. If not through you or inability by you through a popular referendum, more legitimate means. 3- In not accepting these conditions, the government resign and create a government with representatives of all political forces which will stay until the elections. The main condition of this Government be making the decision to annul the agreements with Montenegro and Serbia.

With respect for the sacrifices of the Albanian people of Kosovo, President of the Military Association of Albania Sapper Alexander Michael Tirana, 24 December 2015




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