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The Tear Gas Attacks Continue But This Time They are Prepared, but More Politicians Arrested

The Assembly session was terminated today due to the dumping of tear gas by opposition MPs. This time was the chief whip VETËVENDOSJE Glauk Konjufca, he who threw gas. Five members of Vetevendosje, Glauk Konjufca, Aida Dërguti, Fisnik Ismaili,  Faton Topalli and Besa Baftiu  were escorted to the police, as they left the Assembly.

The opposition had warned that it will prevent the holding of sessions of the Assembly, until the withdrawal of signatures to two agreements that were contested it for the Association of Serbian Municipalities and it demarcation of the border with Montenegro.

Opposition supporters, started throwing stones and paint at the Assembly building and the police. Meanwhile, the deputy of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK), Pal Lekaj, said that they have not invited them to gather at the Assembly, but emphasised that it is a reflection of citizens against harmful agreements. This resulted in three protestors being arrested.

MP of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, Time Kadrijaj, was given the halt of 48 hours, due to its assembly operations, in today’s session.This was confirmed Ahmet Isufi, the deputy head of the party, adding that the decision is expected by deputy Teuta Haxhiu. He told KTV that still has no information on other arrested members. Isufi added that opposition protests will not stop until the release of the deputies and until withdrawn Association and demarcation agreements.

“We will protest continued until the full release of MPs and activists detained prisoners. There will not cave in until the Government withdraws or remove agreements “, he said.

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Vetevendosje put out the following statement:

Kosovo Police is being used as a tool of the government.

The arrest of five members of the other VETËVENDOSJE! the exit of the Assembly, on the evening of 14 December 2015, is the latest scandal to happen with the pseudo-democracy of Veseli, Mustafa and Thaci.

The arrested were Aida Dërguti Deputy Speaker of Parliament, President of the Parliamentary Group of Movement Glauk Konjufca, Besa Baftiu, Fisnik Ismaili and Faton Topalli. These deputies, as well as others, were arrested while holders of the mandate and immunity of MPs, which have received the votes of citizens.

These members added deputies arrested earlier that day, who are Kurteshi Movement Ismail VETËVEVDOSJE !, and Pal Lekaj, Time Kadrijaj, Teuta Haxhiu, of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo.

The total number of deputies arrested on 14 December 2015 is nine, while the total number of deputies arrested is 13. The persecution of the opposition has escalated that can not be tolerated, and the government has gone so far as it is difficult to imagine a normal solution of the political crisis.

With the arrest of deputies pressed the will of tens of thousands of voters.

With the arrest of opposition MPs pressed voice.

With the arrest of deputies is illegal and undemocratic arrangements  for the Demarcation or the “Border”.

With the arrest of MPs being imposed restitution of Serbia in Kosovo.

Deputies arrest restrict on democracy justice is not only a reality, but also a dream.

But crime in power there to win. The opposition will not be shared, nor will it stop. Power very quickly to put to account for all the repression of opposition to its citizens.





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