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Kosovo Has Had Enough of Corrupt Leaders Who Do Not Work on Behalf of the People of Kosovo

A Statement put out by the Opposition Parties

Today’s session has highlighted the three big liars, who even today don’t hesitate to continue to cover their dictatorship with the pathetic hypocritical speeches.

First to speak was  former chief of SHIK (National Information Service) and now chairman of the highest a parliamentary democracy, in the assembly.

I remember when, just a few days ago Kadri Veseli was swearing that he would never allow police to enter the Assembly and would never exclude the opposition, as long as he, was the speaker of the assembly.

Today, Kadri Veseli calls for special scanners and filled the assembly hall with cops with gas masks. Kadri Veseli has ordered the control of the opposition MPs, while many of his aides in SHIK, who today are deputies of the ministers of the ruling parties, and have never been investigated. Kadri Veseli has requested today even added to repressive measures against the opposition, because according to him the police are not enough, even though we have seen all the arrests and police interventions against opposition and its supporters.
At the session the parties in power were shy as they gathered to discuss the sackings of  the opposition. The Prime Minister of the Government of Rashka, Isa Mustafa, has reiterated once again that the opposition demands for the withdrawal of the agreements are not sincere and act like the united opposition’s got Other demands.
This is not the first time that Mustafa tells the same lie, after this thing he has claimed even at the time the syndicate opposition against minister with his racist attitudes, Jabllanoviqit, but actions have always been opposition responsibly, and have proven otherwise.

It’s bad enough that Isa Mustafa has to relinquish the two agreements detrimental to the future of Kosovo, and we guarantee the activist that each opposition MP going to back to normal.

The third was fraudster Hashim Thaci, the person who has built all these agreements, which he has now signed with Mustafa. Thaci insolence has declared with greater than with the blocking of these agreements, the opposition has prevented them from benefiting from 60 m euros of from the Kosovo purse.

According to Deputy Mustafa it is worth it, to build the Serbian Republic in Kosovo, with a price like that. Hashim Thaci, do you think the citizens have forgotten happend with hundreds of millions of which he and his men have benefited through devastating privatisations of public property.

The contract that Hashim Thaci has connected to privatisation of KEDS, which stole the profit on a circulation, of 300 million euros per year. This add up to hundreds of millions of privatisations concessions and  very suspicious. So Thaci doesn’t have to tell us the price at which we should sell Kosovo through agreements, but he must go to court, for the massive corruption of his party, the corruption that has already done, the main concern even to the internationals in Kosovo.
These three officials say that at the name of democracy would exclude and arrest the opposition. These are saying in the name of justice will be haunted by the opposition and will defend their corruption.
But we are determined that the agreements for “Border” of Demarcation must not go ahead!  The opposition did not share! Normality will return, only when we return to democracy! Protests will not stop!
Self-determination movement!
The Alliance for the future of kosovo
The initiative for kosovo



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