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Kosova’s Authoritarian Regime arrests Opposition Leaders

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On Saturday, the “United Opposition” in Kosova (Kosovo) organized a peaceful manifestation in Prishtina on national Albanian Flag Day. Over 35,000 thousand people attended the manifestation to celebrate Flag Day and to show their disapproval of the latests agreements between Kosova and Serbia on the establishment of the “Community of Serb Majority Municipalities” in Kosova, and of the border Demarcation agreement with Montenegro. This manifestation was organized after the “United Opposition” had already submitted earlier this week, to the President of the country, a petition signed by over 205,000 citizens against the latest agreements with Serbia and Montenegro.

After the end of the peaceful manifestation, hundreds of special police forces stormed the Main Office of the Movement for SELF-DETERMINATION! – the largest Opposition force. The Police broke in the Main Office by using pepper spray, police batons, and rubber bullets at close range against the activists. More than 150 activists were arrested by the police, among which also members of the Presidency of the Movement for SELF-DETERMINATION!, and MP Albin Kurti. Several activists have been taken to the emergency room due to the police brutality. The Police is still arresting activists on the streets of Prishtina, and is keeping control of the Main Office of the Movement for SELF-DETERMINATION!, not allowing anyone to come close to the building.

The authoritarian regime in Kosova has turned this day of celebration into a day of violence. The “United Opposition” has asked for the immediate release of everyone arrested today, and for the release of the premises of the Main Office of the Movement for SELF-DETERMINATION!. There is no violence which can stop the people of Kosova from claiming and obtaining their rights!

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