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28th November a Time for Celebration in Prishtina


It is that time of year again when Kosovo is swathed with the Albanian red and black flag, to celebrate Albanian Flag day. The time of year when all of the shops are dressed in red and black and families take to the streets to celebrate the day.

It is always a fun family day and this year is no exception and will be bigger and better in Prishtina where the flags are flying and music will be playing, with stalls promoting local produce and companies. In the evening there will be a ballet on the big outside stage.


The day when Boulevard Mother Theresa will be full of families with their children having a good day out. The photo above is taken on a weekday and on Saturday the centre will be packed with people enjoying the day.

There is always one person ready to spoil the fun of the local people, who goes by the name of Isa Mustafa, the ex Mayor of Prishtina. In his last year as Mayor, he decided to put up Christmas decorations on flag day. The boulevard was full of trucks and cranes, blocking the pedestrian area and dangerous to the hundreds of people with children who had to wind their way around them.

isamWell now that Isa Mustafa is Prime Minister, he has not stopped his Scrooge approach to the people he is supposed to represent. He has actually sent out a warning to Embassies around the world warning of trouble on this day of celebration. If there is any trouble in Prishtina on Saturday, then it will all be down to Isa Mustafa, who seems to know something is going to happen, that the Mayor of Prishtina doesn’t.  The present Mayor of Prishtina Shpend Ahmeti is putting on this day of celebration for the people of Prishtina.

After Mustafa lost his job as Mayor to Ahmeti, who exposed the corruption and nepotism, Mustafa has taken revenge, at any opportunity, including having him arrested for demonstrating. Since then, Mustafa who has control of the police has systematically been arresting members of the opposition party for any excuse, even smashing down the apartment door of Albin Kurti and arresting him.

Since being Prime Minister, Isa Mustafa has turned Kosovo into a police state. Below is a copy of the warnings that are going out to anyone living in Prishtina or thinking of travelling there. This is a warning by the Prime Minister of Kosovo about a peaceful day of celebrations.

So why would a Prime Minister of a country do this, unless he is planning something and has his own agenda.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 20.06.32

Make up your own mind. If however the police take to the streets with tear gas on Saturday, it will be Isa Mustafa who is to blame for spoiling the day of celebrations, which will result in him making more enemies and causing more demonstrations against him.





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