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The Corruption continues – 40,000 euros for 11 Windows – Who is going to pocket this??

Image shows only  3 damaged windows

Image shows only 3 damaged windows

Broken windows of the building of the Government of Kosovo by opposition supporters who protested on Wednesday against the detention of the MP Donika Kadaj-Bujupi and police search home of Albin Kurti of Albulena Haxhiu, will cost about Kosovo budget 40 thousand euros.

Thus said the director of the department of property and guarantees the company “Sigal” Agron Sylejamani, a company that provides facilities and government ministries. According to him, the shots of the day with 11 glass stones are damaged government building, while correct the damage is still unknown.

“The government buildings have emerged and have inspected, which have estimated that there are 11 windows damaged. As damage we have no exact information as it may cost, because we first need to look at what type of windscreen have been, properly taken specifics of glasses, but according to first estimates we think can be brought damage about 40 thousand euros “Sylejmani Kallxo.com said.

Remember that the windows of this building were damaged first by red bottles thrown by activists of Vetevendosje !, demonstration organized on 28 November 2006.

These windows were broken in the protest of the opposition parties in January this year for the dismissal of former Minister Aleksandar Jablanovic and the return of “Trepca” in public enterprises.




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