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Kosovo frightened girls send letter Blendi Fevziu


Albania is in danger of Albanians more than ISIS


Dear, zt. Blendi Fevziu 

Even today as every other night when displaying your show, I was waiting to know what will be the topic of discussion. When the show began, I noticed that the subject had to do with the risk to Albania by ISIS.

With regret, I must say that the danger that threatens its Albania are you, citizens of Albania.

Below we describe the incident that happened to us on 11.15.2015, ie on Sunday, in your place.

I am a girl from Kosovo who honor of a significant event in the life of my wife, along with nine other friend decided to spend the weekend in Albania. After that day we stayed in Tirana Saturday, thought to përmbyllnim weekend in Fishtë, the “Mrrizi of Zanave”, reserving dinner at 18:00 because earlier there was vacancy. In return, as were two cars waiting each other in order to travel together, on the outskirts of the village Fishtë a person on a motorcycle approached us to the window and looked at us for a few seconds. As we did with the pass mark or better said leave, he left to return again after three or four minutes.

Once you passed our car left the motorcycle somewhere in the greenery not to see, and appeared after a few seconds the car window, first by dropping powerful car glass and then trying to open the door and go inside. Since our doors were locked, he started shooting guns into the air, next to our car, and we were terrified.

To our good fortune, our friend who runs a car could crush gas vehicle speed, with all his power, and leave from there, leaving behind the second car. At each of those moments we started telefononim someone. One called Lezha police station, some other car announced that paddled as far as speed and not stop in any way anywhere, not even the police. Another called the restaurant “the Zanave Mrrizi” to tell the story that happened to us out of their restaurant. While, the other began to call our relatives in Pristina that the road to the border.

On the other hand, in the same time another group of car ran very great speed, trying so they could go out on the main road, since they were still in the dark path Fishtë village. During this period, they see a person on a motorbike, which was made with light to stop the car. But since the girls were familiar with the case from our side, they continued to direct the vehicle speed and did not stop.

Besides the horror psychic whom we lived and were afraid that the person we afraid to call someone of us went in wait somewhere on the road (taking into account such cases in Albania happen very often not only to tourists Kosovo, but have the case Czech tourists who were killed and their killer now sentenced to life imprisonment), we were afraid to pause even to traffic police as many of your programs see thugs and police are closely related to each other.

When I say this I do not want to generalize or to shove “in a bag” all the people of Albania. Without misconceptions, here we are dealing only with criminals and thugs who walk freely in your country.

Since we were in the car which had attacked, we decided not anywhere to pause the Kosovo border. In the meantime, our friends were stopped by police because of the call Lezha made us thus requiring more information, which is very logical. What did not seem logical was that they insisted that we, attacking vehicles, to return to a police station in Lezha, otherwise our friends will not be released.

At 22:00, with the horror which we had experienced, it seemed more logical not we return again in Lezha, and seemed even less logical fact that our friends were held hostage to our cause, taking into account that they did not even know the whole story in detail (as it seemed the person concerned, what he had with him, as had happened in exactly that place, and other details).

We understand fully that are procedures to police them, that should get as much information, but to require us to go back in Lezha, the place from which we were left frightened a bit absurd as more held hostage Girls who did not know anything more than our words, “We have in attacking a person with motor, do not stop anywhere, are driving as fast and try to come to the border as soon as possible that we expect you there.”

All that we prayed God during those minutes of driving, it was to see a car with Kosovo license plates. Since I was very nervous, I do not remember exactly where the rastisëm a vehicle with such plates, which began to follow behind. In a moment they stopped at a gas station and we immediately afterwards. When we got out of the car terrified and almost breathless, and our locals also shocked, because they had no idea if we had a scuffle with someone or something had happened to us. On occasion explaining they told us we could go after them to the border of Kosovo and tried to placate us with many opportunities they had.

After many vicissitudes along the way and endless phone calls to do with our neighbor, we arrived at the Kosovo border where it seemed that the whole world was ours. Kosovo border had received a tip that has had the perverse shootout between two cars with girls and so when we arrived, almost all border forces were near our car. When we came out shocked and torn by the cries and screams in the car, and began to explain the event, border police thought that the arrival at the Kosovo border was the most intelligent that we had undertaken not to offend anyone, but for its the fact that such events recently against Kosovo there were many tourists.

To our bad luck, our friends still being held hostage somewhere along the way. Attempted from the border of Kosovo to contact the director of the police station in Lezha, where we asked them to come to the border crossing in Kosovo together with our friends, so that we would give our statements and denonconim case. Once was the conversation between Kosovar and Albanian, let us understand them, even though they did not know the case will be returned to the police station in Lezha that held almost till 3:00 am.

In the meantime, we tried to contacting the Embassy of Albania in Kosovo to seek their intervention, but it was impossible to fall into contact with them because their phone numbers announcing not one.

Monday was exactly what the Embassy has contacted us and asked us to send you a letter explaining the case.

Around 4:30, the rest of the group arrived at the Kosovo border, of course without an escort, although we insisted that Lezha police officers to convey to the border for security reasons. But they had not seen fit to convey more than 10 minutes from the police station.

In the wake of these events, after nearly four hours, he arrived at the Kosovo border police representative from Kukes, which is 20.7 kilometers from the border to Kosovo to take our statements. Normally, we refused to declaring one coming before our friends from Lezha to ensure that they are safe and sound. Upon their arrival, we realized that a pole, which according to them was one of the heads of regional Police Lezha had reasoned striker with the words: “You must understand that maybe the man has problems of its own, may have worked all day , drinking a couple of glasses of alcohol and ultimately win alcohol. ” Justification ridiculous, not to say idiotic by police officers. While one of the people who took our statement said “these things happen in any country” and that “you do not have this job so great; You do not have to weep. ”

Now, to return to your theme of which had to do with the risk to Albania by ISIS, I tell you once again that the main risks are criminals and bandits in your country. ISIS is a danger which is looming all superpowers of the world. Albania and Kosovo are countries that do not have power and potential to fight it, or even be protected by them, knowing that their methods of attacks are very sophisticated. But we think that could fight criminals in your country. I do not say that Kosovo is in very good condition. No at all. And we have our worries and problems, but such problems have less to say nothing compared to what happens in your ways.

Maybe you Albania are used to such events, but not in Kosovo.

Again I say that in this article are addressing only the criminals and do not want to generalize the case. We have a lot of respect for your tourists and we very much appreciate their arrival in Kosovo. Given the fact that a large part of the income in your state tourists from Kosovo, which we obtain from you in return in many cases is theft and terror that caused us in your ways.

We know that we are not the first case, but hope that will be the last.Moreover, we hope that the case denounced by our side will not remain just another case placed on the shelves of the police station in Lezha, but will be attempted to lighten this case and the deserved punishment person who attacked us.

With this letter I ask you to make the case public (knowing that you have a greater visibility and influence in the Albanian institutions); We seek help from you in solving this case and identify the person responsible.Moreover, we are also directed at Kosovo Albanian ambassador to explain the situation and to seek help from them. Despite the fact that will be revealed the truth of your institutions to follow, at least we’ll open the eyes of the natives of our to be careful and not to travel in Albania at night, not to say do not come to Albania at all.

Maybe you in one of your programs will be able to treat this subject, in order to increase security in your country.

This paper will not stop here, but will be sent to the media in Kosovo in order to inform citizens of both countries to the danger that threatens every day.


Me respekt,

Girls who hope that this ordeal of tourists to be the last in Albania


PS For security issue, fearing that it may concern, we decided that in this paper not to publish our names. But, the case is reported to the police of Lezha, Kukes them, and to the Albanian Embassy in Pristina. We hope that even in case of investigation by your side in this case, the source not mentioned, but remain so – anonymous.

source in Albanian


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