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Unjust Agreements Shall not Pass!

12112388_10153041657227000_5371461015433037765_n1-670x400The pro-Western and integration aims of the people of Kosova are being damaged by some agreements which are in complete discordance with European Union values.

Segregation and ethnic divide are projects that have been left behind and fiercely fought against by western states. Reciprocity and equality among states are some of the EU fundamental values from which Kosova should never withdraw.

The United Opposition in Kosova is convinced that Western values can be protected only by protecting the interests of citizens and of the Republic. The agreement on the Association of Serb Majority Municipalities and the agreement on the border demarcation with Montenegro are unjust. The former divides Kosova along ethnic lines and makes the country dysfunctional, while the latter gives away the territory of Kosova. We cannot give up on the subjectivity of our state. The EU will not accept a dysfunctional state that is not developed, and which will be a source of continuous conflict because of the agreements that divide it along ethnic lines. Therefore, by protecting the Republic of Kosova from these unjust agreements, the United Opposition is protecting and facilitating the path toward European integration.

That is why today we held up two slogans in Parliament during the ceremonial session in which Johannes Hahn, EU Commissioner for European Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations, was addressing the MPs of the Republic of Kosova. Our slogans were as follows:

1. Is ethnic segregation an EU value?!
2. Unjust Agreements shall not pass!

No compromise can be made with the state, freedom, equality, justice, and development.

November 6, 2015
The United Opposition – Republic of Kosova




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